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Audio & Music Keyboards & Input Devices Synths

Quadrant is a kind of human-computer interface. It incorporates four time-of-flight sensors to detect the position, velocity, and direction of the holder's hand in free space. Onboard signal processing can identify gestures or other events, which can then be mapped to various music parameters in software and hardware synthesizers, yielding different outcomes. For user convenience, Quadrant features CV and hardware MIDI outputs, making it easy to connect to computers, analog synthesizers, or any compatible devices.

Quadrant Demo

Quadrant excels in creating generative computer music, controlling DAW, interacting with DJ software, and performing using Max MSP and Pure Data. Users can even control analog synthesizers directly via CV or MIDI, or think visually for unique VJ controls, LED lighting, and video synthesizers. Quadrant also offers distinctive control methods, such as gesture recognition for left or right swipes, or triggering events through beam crossing.

Features & Specifications

  • 4 x VL53L0x time-of-flight distance sensors
  • 22" detection range with 1 mm precision
  • 43 Hz sample rate (all channels)
  • RP2040 microcontroller

Dual-core for real-time signal processing

Micropython and Arduino compatible

  • 4 x Control Voltage (CV) + gate outputs

1/8" TRS connectors (left=CV, right=gate)

0 to +5 V range

  • Hardware MIDI input and output with 1/8" TRS connector

1/8" TRS connectors (left=CV, right=gate)

MIDI IN -> MIDI THRU selectable in firmware (chain multiple Quadrants together!)

  • USB serial interface

USB-C connector

  • 4 x GPIO

0.1" headers

  • 2 x DIP switches

Select between 4 user-defined modes

This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, check Quadrant for more info if you are interested.

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