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Pocket Integrator

by: Jun 08,2022 2196 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Audio&Music Synths Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       A hardware add-on board that lets you play your Pocket Operator drum machine

Pocket Integrator is a magical, musical add-on board for Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operator drum machine. With a MEMS accelerometer, it can play drum patterns and synthesizers by tapping and shaking, which is like a handheld percussion instrument, imagine that, play your Pocket Operator like a drum!

Tap to set the tempo and downbeat, it will hold the beat whenever you stop.

Pocket Integrator also provides USB MIDI clock out, a battery eliminator, an extra analog sync channel and a built-in digital egg-shaker.

Finally, due to its ability to flash the firmware of Pocket Operators, Pocket Integrator is a good starting point for an open-source Pocket Operator firmware project. ( No such project exists at the moment, but you've got to start somewhere.)

Pocket Integrator Demo

You can use Pocket Integrator to play along with radio, musicians or even the beat in your head. You and your PO can keep a live, fluid rhythm for musicians who don't want to play along with the rigid clock of a drum machine. You can also use it to play your other electronic instruments in the same way because the PI sends MIDI Clock and analog sync. Or it can be a simple tool for setting and adjusting tempo. Set it and forget it!

Features & Specifications

  • Attaches to any Pocket Operator model. (Pocket Operator not included.)
  • Microcontroller: ATSAM4S8BB ARM Cortex M4 microprocessor @40MHz with 128k SRAM
  • Intertial Measurement Unit: LSM6DSO32X iNEMO 6-axis gyro/accelerometer
  • No tools required, no modifications to your PO required. Compatible with the PO hanger-tab and kickstand.
  • Connects to PO input with standard 3.5 mm cable (included).
  • Two 3.5 mm analog ports for audio/sync/MIDI
  • USB-C port for MIDI and power.
  • Powers the Pocket Operator when plugged into USB, eliminating the need for batteries.
  • SUBTLE mode let you make small adjustments to time & tempo.
  • TOTAL mode gives you complete control of every beat.
  • NONSTOP mode continues sending MIDI & sync as you stop/start the PO - handy for live performance!
  • Built-in digital maraca!

Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operator is a beautifully designed bare-PCB product. Pocket Integrator is also a bare PCB that’s designed to mate cleanly with the PO, fit well in the hand & not require a case or other additional manufacturing.

This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, go to support it if you are interestd:)

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