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Power Management Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       A small, portable, elegant, open source OLED breadboard power supply

ANT BBPS is a small breadboard power supply (BBPS) carefully designed to connect to the end of any M102 breadboard. Its unique shape can plug directly into the power connection pins and does not interfere with anything else.

Bsides, ANT BBPS shows voltage, current and power on an OLED displays. It owns a digitally controlled current limit,a wide input voltage range, and up to 12V DC output. And it also has two input connections, a USB type-C connector and a screw terminal. The USB input means a battery bank can easily be used as power source, and the screw terminal let any other input source to be connected, including AA, 9V batteries or even an old 7V wall adapter that may be found everywhere.

It is really convenient to use with only one button and one potentiometer dial. The potentiometer sets the output voltage and the button enables it, the buuton can also be used to access the menu. Finally, ANT BBPS is designed to be small, light and portable, which make it ideal for prototyping digital and analog circuits.

Features & Specifications

  • 4.0 V DC - 13.0 V DC input
  • 1.8 V DC - 12.0 V DC @ 1000 mA (12 W) output
  • Voltage output set at 10 mV increments
  • Digitally controlled current limit
  • Current limit set at 50 mA increments
  • External input connection
  • Designed for M102 breadboards

Intuitive and Simple to Operate

1. Startup

  • Switch power to the ON position
  • At the top left corner of the screen is your output status, by default it is set to OFF
  • Current limit is displayed at the top right corner of the screen
  • Press the button to enable the output

2.Set Output Voltage

  • Set your output voltage by turning the potentiometer left or right

3. Set Current Limit

  • Long press the button until the menu appears
  • Select the Current Limit Menu by long pressing the button while highlighted
  • Toggle the current limit with a short press of the button
  • Long button press one more time to display "SAVED" and exit the menu

Easy to Configure

Over Current Condition

  • When an over current condition happens a message will appear on the screen
  • Press the button to clear it
  • Check your circuit or set new current limit before enabling again

OLED Orientation

  • Long press the button until the menu appears
  • Quick press the button to scroll to the Orientation Menu
  • Long press the button again and the screen will rotate 180 degrees and exit the menu

This project is going to crowdfund in CrowdSupply, go to support it if you are interested:)

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