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Sub-GHz Embedded Linux Boards Keyboards & Input Devices Crowdfunding Project

Summary:       A tiny Linux computer with a keyboard, a daylight-readable screen, and a long-range transceiver

ShaRPiKeebo may be the small Linux computer you can find with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Its size is only 6x11x1.5 cm and powered by a Raspberry Pi ( RPi) Zero W or 2W. It has a 400x240-pixel, low-power, daylight-readable, black-and-white SHARP Memory Display and a long-range wireless transceiver.

With a low-latency display, two D-pads, on-board power-management and support for Wi-Fi connectivity, this open-hardware, battery-powered nanocomputer is perfect for gamers, system administrators, software developers, pentesters, students, makers and even Linux geek who belong to none of the above.

Features & Specifications

  • 2.7", 400x240-pixel, low-latency, energy-efficient LS027B7DH01 SHARP Memory Display
  • Built-in, QMK-compatible USB QWERTY keyboard with 56 keys
  • Can function as an external keyboard when attached to another device (such as a rack server)
  • Two four-button D-pads for gaming
  • Five buttons, controllable via (up/down) GPIO voltage detection
  • Four independently controlled LEDs, programmable using classic GPIO commands in C++ or Python
  • Long-range, 433-MHz radio transceiver (currently RFM95; working on upgrade to CE-marked RakWireless chip)
  • On-board battery-management and charging module that draws power through USB Type-C
  • A JST connector for a LiPo battery
  • UART and I²C available through GPIO for external 3.3 V modules (GPS, a 4G or 5G modem, etc.)
  • ISP programming port available for QMK-keyboard flashing or upgrades
  • Form factor
  1. SBC connector: 2x40-pin connector for Raspberry Pi Zero W or 2W SBCs
  2. Dimensions: 66 x 115 x 20 mm
  3. Weight: Under 100 g

Tiny, Easy-to-Use, Versatile, and Affordable

Just connect a battery, slot your Raspberry Pi Zero W or 2W SBC and:

  • Play a game
  • Connect to a server over SSH
  • Launch a local or remote Python script
  • Audit the security of nearby Wi-Fi networks using the many diagnostic tools available in Linux
  • Host your cryptocurrency wallet or roll with a portable BTC Lightning payment node
  • Protect the above with a hardware security key
  • Plug a storage device into the USB port and log tons of data
  • Chat with another ShaRPiKeebo user (up to a kilometer away without using a cellular network!)

About "Play a Game"

ShaRPikeebo can run many well-known games with only slight modification. The fast refresh rate of its SHARP Memory Display allows it to play dynamic games without lag. There are various online collections of open-source Linux titles with support for one-bit color. All you have to do is recompile them for the SHARP display.

Way Better Than a Pager

On call and on the beach? What system administrator hasn’t dreamed of being able to handle emergencies without having to drag a bunch of kit along with them. SharRPiKeebo’s got you covered. SSH into your servers—wherever they might be—and use this Linux Swiss-Army knife to fix the problem. Then write a python script to monitor the offending process and parse the relevant logs so you never have to do so again. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen.

Part of a Thriving Open Source Ecosystem

SharRPiKeebo enables system administrators to handle emergencies without having to carry around a bunch of toolkits. SSH into your servers (wherever they are) and use this Linux Swiss Army Knife to solve problems. Then write a python script to monitor the offending process and parse the relevant logs.

Part of a Thriving Open Source Ecosystem

Thanks to its Raspberry Pi brain, ShaRPiKeebo is fully compatible with all major programming languages and commandline Linux tools. That menas you can take advantage of (and contribute to!) the work of a huge community of developers from all over the world. Whether you’re learning or creating, you’ll be able to leverage thousands of existing libraries with very little adaptation.

Check more details in: CrowdSupply, this project is in crowdfunding stage now, go to support it if you are interested:)

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