32-channel EEG ADC with Cortex-M7 ----FreeEEG32

What is FreeEEG32?FreeEEG32 is a stackable, open source 32-channel (4 ADCs x 8 channels ea.), 24-bit, sigma-delta, simultaneous sampling board meant to satisfy scientists and hackers who want research-grade equipment without breaking the bank. NeuroIDSS has been developing this EEG for several years now as the definitive open source answer to expensive, proprietary EEG technology.The FreeEEG32 mixes four AD7771 ADCs with ultra-low noise sources and references (<0.22 μV measured) and a powerfu...

microcontroller STM32H7 open source FreeEEG32 Cortex-M7 32-channel EEG ADC

How to get PCBWay Beans?

What is “PCBWay Beans”?It's Credit Points that can be earned and used on PCBWay. What can you do with PCBWay Beans? Redeem gifts (Coupons, modules, gadgets, etc) on PCBWay Gift Shop.How to get PCBWay Beans? 1.Rewards for orders.Earn 1 bean for every dollar you spend. 2.Rewards for purchase times. Earn 10 beans each time you purchase at PCBWay.com3.Rewards for answers.Earn 20 beans for each answer at" PCBWay Answers".4.Rewards for Projects sharing.Share your project story with great project desc...

answer article project sharing pcbway points PCBWay beans

A Pinball Machine That Plays Itself.

A pinball machine that is able to play itself, it’s as simple as that. Well, I say it’s simple, it’s actually extremely complicated. This was a four-person team project with some of my fellow graduating friends at KSU, and all of it was finished in one semester as our senior design project.LIMITATIONS & CHALLENGESThere was LOTS of stuff to learn on this project, and it’s definitely the most ambitious I’ve had so far. Thankfully, I had a team with me on this one. 3 Big challenges, (1) Modelin...

software electrical circuit board arduino. microcontroller pinball machine

PCBWay Q&A-003 | Common Questions for PCBA Ordering-01

PCB Assembly is one of the main services on PCBWay. Compared with PCB production, PCB assembly process has higher technical requirements and involves more complicated steps. For each step, you might have some questions or something unclear. Today our senior service representative - Angell will be our instructor and explainer to guide us knowing better about PCBWay assembly service. Q1:How can we place a PCB assembly order at PCBWay? Is it the same with the PCB order process?Angell:At PCBWay, we...

free shipping stencil SMT machine BOM Template BOM files Gerber files unique parts PCBA PCBWay

Learn and Experiment with Electric Motors --- SwarmDrive

What is SwarmDrive?SwarmDrive is a motor driver (development) board intended for learning and experimenting with electric motors. It's an approachable mechatronics platform for users who want to learn and start experimenting with (small) electric motors and BLDC motors in particular. What it contains?The board contains a basic motor driver setup together with a powerful microcontroller (ESP32) and USB connectivity. It enables professionals as well as students to learn about different commutation...

CrowdSupply ESP32 microcontroller BLDC motors SwarmDrive Electric Motors

Holiday Schedule of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2020

Dear all PCBWayers,The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will be celebrated on October 1st. We are sincerely aware that our hard-working and dedicated employees are the important force to PCBWay’s continuous development and it's the time for them to reunite with their families and enjoy the leisure. Holiday date: October 1st - 4thAccording to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:Production: PCB orders can be placed as usual during...

holiday schedule National Day Mid-Autumn Festival

Hacking IoT & RF Devices with BürtleinaBoard

Yet another Multipurpose Breakout Board to hack hardware in a clean and easy way!Disclaimer: due to a complaint from the citizens of my native city in Italy… I had to rename #PiadinaBoard into #BurtleinaBoard :PFew months ago I have presented #FocacciaBoard: a similar multipurpose breakout board that uses the famous FT232H to handle multiple protocols commonly found in (I)IoT devices (i.e. UART, JTAG, SWD, SPI, I2C).Despite #FocacciaBoard is extremely useful during my night-to-night hardware hac...

BürtleinaBoard? RF Devices Radio Iiot Iot Security Hardware Hacking Infosec

Layout In Pcbnew --- Part 2

Pcbnew is KiCad’s layout editor. Think of it as a drawing program that is specifically designed for drawing printed circuit boards. Pick up a PCB and, and try to identify and list its most important attributes.Review the First Part.Edge cutAt the very least, the manufacturer needs to know the shape and dimensions of the PCB, as well as the tracks, holes, and vias on it. So far in this part of the book, we have been working on the tracks and holes for the pads, but not on the PCB’s shape and dime...

pcb design Kicad PCB layout Pcbnew menus toolbar footprint

PCBWay TV Show 06 Creative DIY Electronic Clocks and Watches

Clocks and watches takes an important role in our daily life. It helps us manage the time accurately. With professional electronic knowledge and experience, our PCBWayers have made varied DIY clocks and watches with plenty of functions and display effects.Let’s go check them together with Lesley and Louisa.1. LED Dot Matrix ClockOleg made a LED dot matrix clock based on 51 single-chip microcomputers. For this project, the progress bar at the bottom shows the number of seconds. Moreover, gravity ...

applewatch6 Nixie tube PCB Dial ESP32 Arduino Segment Display LED Digital Clock Matrix Clock

Bluetooth Mesh with nRF52 and Apache Mynewt

Suppose we have four light bulbs in our home, each with its own on/off switch…Let’s make them smart… With Wireless Remote Control!Flipping the on/off switch of the first bulb should switch the other bulbs on and off. So the first on/off switch acts like a Master On/Off Switch for our entire home.How shall we implement this?We could do this with WiFi… Assuming that we have good WiFi coverage at every corner of our home. There’s a simpler solution… Bluetooth Mesh!With Bluetooth Mesh there’s no nee...

Gadgets Mynewt Nrf52 Bluetooth Mesh Internet of Things

Layout in Pcbnew --- Part 1

Pcbnew is KiCad’s layout editor. Think of it as a drawing program that is specifically designed for drawing printed circuit boards. Pick up a PCB and, and try to identify and list its most important attributes.Your list should be similar to this:1. Components, like resistors and integrated circuits,2. Wires (or traces, as we will call them), that connect the components,3. A board made of fibreglass or similar material, with a particular shape,4. Graphics, like text or drawings, printed on th...

footprint toolbar pcb design kicad pcb pcbnew layout

Make complex robots with ease ------RoverWing

Do you want to build complicated robotics projects with ease? RoverWing is what you need, which is designed by David Bershadsky and Alexander Kirillov from Team Islandbots.RoverWing is an expansion board for Adafruit’s Feather boards. This wing provides motor drivers that can handle motors of 6-12 V, Inertial Motion Unit (IMU), and connection ports for servos, sonars, GPS, and other peripherals commonly used by mobile robots.It also contains a microcontroller preloaded with firmware to control t...

CrowdSupply microcontroller expansion board RoverWing robot

PCBWay TV Show 05 Cool DIY Game Gadgets

Now mobile games and e-sports games occupy a large part of the market. But there is always a group of people who like nostalgic consoles and retro games, and it even has become a kind of game culture.Today we’ll introduce various interesting DIY games designed by PCBWayers.Let’s go check them together!1.DIY Arduino TETRIS Game Tetris is a very classic casual game. The secret of the success of this game lies in the simplicity of its operation and the sense of accomplishment in finding order from ...

commodore 64 retro pie gaming console gameboy digital pet ATtiny85 led game tetris game game gadgets

How to export a Gerber file from NI Ultiboard

1.The Export DialogSelect File >> Open Samples.>> Select Intl4lRouted.ewprj.>> Click on the Open button.>> Choose File >> Export.( We focus primarily on the Gerber RS274X options as an example in this article.)Export Dialog Box2.Exporting a Gerber File>> In the Export dialog box select Gerber RS274X and click the Properties button.Gerber File ExportAs can be seen in the figure above, there are a number of different parameters that must be set to properly expor...

Gerber Conversion Gerber. NI Ultiboard

Manual panelizing of PCBs with tabs and mouse bites in Kicad

Here is a way of panelizing PCBs with tabs and mouse bites in Kicad shared by Sayanee Basu.The example KiCad project is iCEBreaker FPGA1.Panelization footprintOpen up the footprint editor, decide which mouse bite footprint to useFootprint by Piotr Esden-Tempski2.Original board1)Grid sizechoose the slot and grid size that is applicable to the mouse bite footprint.Footprint by madworm>>Hide layers, just turn on the edge cut layerEnsure that the cut layer is kind of drawn in the grid size you...

Kicad mouse bites tabs panelizing pcb

Hacking IoT devices with Focaccia-Board

A Multipurpose Breakout Board to hack hardware in a clean and easy way!TL;DR: Go grab a copy of the Gerbers and 3D-printed Case STL files at https://github.com/whid-injector/Focaccia-Board and print through your favorite FAB.PrologueEven before the appearance of the word (I)IoT, I was breaking hardware devices, as many of you, with a multitude of debuggers (i.e. stlink, jlink, RS23–2-2USB, etc.). It was always a PITA bringing around a device that does UART-to-USB, another that supports JTAG or S...

IoT Focaccia-Board Infosec Hardware Hacking Hacking Tools Hardware Security

PCBWay Q&A-002 | Common Questions for PCB Ordering

Hello PCBWayers, this Q&A 002 is about the common questions about PCB order-placing. And we invited Bella, one of our senior Service Representatives, to answer those questions. Bella has been worked at PCBWay for more than 4 years now, and her professionalism in work always makes people feel very reliable. Let's go check it!Q1: Which kinds of files are supported for PCB fabrication on PCBWay ?Bella:Currently we could check Gerber file, .pcbdoc, .pcb file. Just in case that you only have Eagl...

leave feedback repeat order combine-shipping quick-order order-placing,pcb files PCB

Powerful H-Bridge DC Motor Driver

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoAn H-Bridge (Full-Bridge) driver is quite popular in driving loads such as brushed DC motors and it is widely used in robotics and industry. The main advantages of using an H-Bridge driver are: high efficiency, rotation direction change, and braking the motor. In this article/video, I have introduced a complete H-Bridge DC motor driver using four IR3205 power MOSFETs and two IR2104 MOSFET drivers. Theoretically, the above-mentioned MOSFET can handle currents up to 80A,...

DC Motor Driver

Meet The Winners of PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video

Hi PCBWayers,Here we are announcing the winners of PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video . After more than one month’s voting, we finally see this exciting moment. Thanks to all the participants for your active participation, thank you for sharing your blessings and your stories with PCBWay. Thank you, all the voters for your participation. Thanks for your support all the time. Your participation is our great honor.First Prize:by el mustapha bouddiaAward:10,000 PCBWay Beans6th Anniversary Gift BagSecond ...

PCBWay stories with PCBWay blessings PCBWayer’s Anniversary Video Winner announcement

STM32 Blue Pill — Analyse and Optimise Your RAM and ROM

Someday our Blue Pill development tools will get so smart… And automatically flag out seemingly innocuous changes we made (like adding sprintf()) that caused our Blue Pill program to bloat beyond Blue Pill’s built-in 64 KB of ROM and 20 KB of RAM.But until that day comes, we have to stay vigilant. And learn the tips and tools in this article to prevent Blue Pill Bloat…1.We’ll create a sample Blue Pill program with Visual Studio Code and PlatformIO2.Study the Linker Script that was used to create...

Embedded Systems Stm32 programming STM32 Blue Pill

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