Holiday Schedule of May Day 2019

Dear All customers,May Day ( International Workers' Day) is coming. According to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:May 1st (Wednesday), all employees are going to have a day off, factory’s production will have a rest for 1 day. May 2nd (Thursday), Fedex is rest.Regards,PCBWay Team

Holiday schedule May Day 2019

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Nijiworks

Get your dream product designed and produced. Established by two young entrepreneurs, Nijiworks has accomplished hundreds of 3D design and manufacturing, and has been giving service worldwide with its growing team. We want to take part in your team for you to benefit from workforce in Turkey.We give designing and manufacturing service for many countries including Germany, Spain, Canada and notably the USA.Customer satisfaction has always been our priority since we went into action. By means of o...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

How to make a noise-free infrared obstacle detection

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoAn obstacle detection unit is an essential part of a variety of projects, such as robotics and security applications. The infrared sensors are widely used for these types of applications. The main drawback of some circuit designs is that the detection units are sensitive to the outside lights and react unstable or noisy.In this project, we selected a proper IR receiving component and designed the circuit in a way to act as stable as possible. Also, you can adjust the s...

noise-free infrared obstacle detection

How to make a variable step-down DC to DC converter using TPS54331

By Hesam Moshiri and Anson Bao.Almost in any circuit design, building at least one regulation stage is necessary. Two power supply design options are available, which are linear and switching. The linear regulators are easy to build but inefficient, especially when there is a high difference between the input voltage and the desired output voltage. Also, by increasing the regulator output current, the efficiency also decreases. Both of these problems are easily visible in terms of heat dissipati...

DC to DC

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Xentronics

Xentronics is an electronic design & manufacturing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. With a small team of high-skilled hardware and firmware design engineers, we manage to offer clients a "one-stop-shop" for their electronic design solution, by offering full product life cycle support - from early conception, to prototyping and risk mitigation, to compliance testing and production, to end-of-life replacement and upgrading - we offer services for the entire process.Rather t...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Holiday Schedule of Ching Ming Festival

Dear All customers,Ching Ming Festival (One important Chinese traditional festival,wiki) is coming. According to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:April 5(Friday), all employees are going to have a day off, so that the delivery date will be postponed for 1-2 days.April 6(Saturday) and 7(Sunday), factory and delivery department work normally.Regards,PCBWay Team


Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Amarula Electronics

We have the necessary skills and expertise to take either new product ideas or existing products already in the field and provide full design for manufacture and compliance. Our Engineers are skilled in High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB design, and can handle multi-layer PCB stackup techniques.The following are key areas that Amarula Electronics can provide assistance:Analog and Digital Circuit Design and SimulationPCB Design (Multi-Layer, HDI, blind and buried vias, controlled impedance) (Des...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Algarhard

I'm Vitor Aquino and I founded Algarhard, we do hardware projects for 20 years. We create proprietary interfaces and give all the necessary support for the development of firmware. In addition to creating root projects we also run layouts of PCBs always taking into account the final price and also the support. At the moment we are opening our assembly line so that we can realize the hardware projects faster. We have close collaboration with the largest distributors of components, which will ...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

3 important tips to PCB Typesetting Engineering

Define Typesetting EngineeringAfter your PCB layout is verified, it will be transformed into production data. To achieve the standard production, your layout data will be put into a standard panel with other layouts, the process is called typesetting. Three important tips you must read:1. We normally put the layout data with same solder mask, copper thickness, surface finish into one standard panel. 2. There will be a few HASL PCB that may be added to the standard panel with ENIG . This means t...

PCB PCB Layout Engineering Typesetting

Get gerber file parameters function now online

Eventually, PCBWay has launched the wildly-anticipated function---Get gerber file parameters automatic. Please click here to check it on Quick-turn order page.IntroductionAre you annoyed or troublesome with filling in the board size, hole and track/spacing before uploading your Gerber files? Do you want to submit the file at first and get the parameters automatically? Now, PCBWay offers all PCBWayers a ‘Gospel’ – DFM beta! We take our customers feedback on board and with five-month engineering, ...

quick turn pcb and stand pcb Gerfile file parameters

How to generate Gerber from Sprint Layout 6.0

Because of its high practicability and simple interface, Sprint-Layout is gradually loved by more and more users. Now we're gonna teach you how to generate Gerber files from Sprint-Layout 6.0 step by step, which is actually not that difficult.Open your .lay6 file in Sprint-Layout 6.0 by clicking "File" -->"Open"2. Export Gerber files: Click "File" --> "Export" --> "Gerber Export" to export the Gerber files with different required lay...

Gerber Sprint Layout

Forge Ahead with Determination, Cooperation for All-Win! --- PCBWay Annual Celebration 2019

Click here to see the video of PCBWay Annual Celebration 2019Introduction:Generally speaking, at this time of year in China, most companies are preparing for the annual celebration. Speaking of the annual celebration, I think the most anticipated is the annual celebration programs, annual activities and annual bonus, right? Our PCBWay is also well prepared! You must be curious about our annual celebration, aren't you? Let me introduce you!Time of Annual Celebration:Jan 19th – Jan 21st Sch...

Spider Robot Kubik M0 and its designer, Radomir Dopieralski

Today I am honored to introduce Radomir Dopieralski and his awarding project, Kubik M0 to you. PCBWay Team: “ Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Many other PCBWayers in the community want to know more about you.”Radomir Dopieralski:” I'm a Python programmer by trade, and I use the electronics as a way of relaxing from my day job. Since at work I have to deal with large, complex,abstract systems, making small, simple things that move or blink is very rewarding. I'm a big fan of ...

PCBWayer PCBWay PCB Robot DIY Maker KubikM0 SpiderRobot

Opportunities and Challenges in the Development of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Introduction:The development of flexible and rigid-flex PCB has been following the trend of being more layers, thinner and higher density. This trend will lead to the development of corresponding materials, processing, equipment, and motivate new technologies.Development Trend of New Materials and New Technologies:The innovation of flexible printed circuit board has a high dependence on the development of new materials. The innovation of insulating substrates, adhesives, foils, cladding layers, ...

Research on the Key Technology of PCB

Introduction:PCB is an important carrier of electronic components and an important circuit connecting component and has developed for a long time. According to the number of printed circuit board, PCB can be divided into single-side PCB, double-side PCB, multi-layer PCB. Until today, PCB has reached a fairly fine degree. Many improvements and optimization of PCB technologies have been born.High-Density Interconnection PCB:In the early 1990s, Japan and the United States pioneered the application ...

Key Points in Manufacturing Mechanical Blind-Via

Introduction:Mechanical blind through-hole PCB means that both the blind holes and the through-hole of the plate are formed by the process of mechanical drilling. For example, the figure below is the schematic diagram of a kind of mechanical blind through-hole PCB.Key Points of Manufacturing Process:The common manufacturing process:Transfer of inner layer patterns → Oxidation → Lamination → Drilling → PTH → Transfer of inner layer patterns → Oxidation → Lamination → Drilling → PTH → Transfer of ...

BGA Soldering Quality Detection Techniques by X-Ray Imaging

Introduction:BGA is a typical high-density packaging technology. Its characteristics are that the chip pins are distributed under the package in the form of spherical solder joints, which can make the device smaller, more pins, larger pin spacing, higher assembly rate of finished products and better electrical performance. Thus, the application of this kind of packaging method is more and more popular with the market.Currently, BGA soldering quality detection methods are very limited. Common det...


Analysis of the Methods of PCB Interconnection

Introduction:Electronic components and electromechanical components have electrical contacts, and the electrical connection between two discrete contacts becomes an interconnection. The electronic devices must be interconnected according to the circuit schematic diagram in order to achieve the predetermined function.As a part of the whole machine, a PCB generally cannot constitute an electronic product, and there must be the problem of external connection. For example, electrical connections are...

Materials of the High-Density Flexible Printed Circuit Boards

Introduction:The basic materials of high-density flexible PCB are substrates, conductors and cover layers (cladding). Substrates and conductors are usually laminated together to form copper clad laminates.Materials of Conductors:One of the main ways to achieve HDI flexible printed circuit boards is to use the thin, fine grained and low-profile copper foils. The standard copper foil used in conventional flexible printed circuit boards has always been RA foil, usually with a thickness of 1OZ (35um...

Most Popular Design, Pi1541 IO Adapter Rev.4 by Christian Graefe

Today I’m going to introduce Christian Graefe whose project, Pi1541 IO Adapter Rev.4 has been chosen as the Most Popular Design among all the entries of PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest. Let’s know him more through the following interview. PCBWay Team: “ Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Many other PCBWayers in the community want to know more about you.”Christian Graefe:” I’m a software engineer from Germany and I’m developing software projects of various sizes for a day job. Then I’m cu...

RaspberryPi diy pcbwayer pcbdesign pcbway adapter Pi1541

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