PI and PDN in High-Speed and High-Density PCBs

Introduction:One of the signs of the development of digital IC technology is that the feature size of transistors becomes smaller and smaller. With the continuous progress of very deep submicrometer technology, the integration degree of digital IC is getting higher and higher, the speed is getting faster and faster, the power consumption is getting larger and larger, and the core power supply voltage is getting lower and lower. This trend will continue for quite some time.PI (Power Integrity) an...

Flexible PCB and Its Manufacturing Process

Introduction:The development and wide application of flexible PCB are due to its remarkable advantages. First of all, its agile structure, tiny volume, light weight, good quality, which are satisfied the requirement of contemporary electronic product. Secondly, it can extend to three dimensional space, and improve the freedom of circuit design and mechanical structure design. These advantages not only reduce the workload of the whole machine and assembly errors, but also greatly improve the reli...

Flexible PCB flex-PCB

Overview of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Introduction:Flexible Printed Circuit Board is a kind of Flexible, folding degrees higher polyester film or polyimide substrate after a series of production processes and made of a kind of components and circuits can be put, and can finish electrical functions with high reliability, good flexibility and light weight of the Printed Circuit Board, also can call it Flexible plate or soft Board, its English name is a Flexible Printed Circuit Board, FPCB for short. In the early days, it was mainly us...

Flexible Printed Circuit Board, Flex-PCB

Traditional Manufacturing Engineering of Flexible Substrate

Introduction:In recent years, with the rapid development of portable electronic products, flexible substrate to high-density development, flexible circuit board is widely used in IC circuit packaging, but also promote the development of flexible substrate to high-density direction. In the field of packaging, flexible substrates have some incomparable advantages over rigid substrates. For example, it is suitable for the assembly of ultra-thin chips, flexible electronic system packaging, medical i...

Flex-PCB Flexible PCB

Brief Introduction of PCB Cleaning Technologies

Abstract:The cleaning effect after PCB installation soldering is directly related to the electrical performance, working life and reliability of the product. Cleaning is also a key process in PCB production.The Necessity of Cleaning Process:Different types of flux are required for PCB assembly. Flux is usually composed of active agent, film agent, additive and solvent. Active agents are composed of organic acids or halogens, and additives are often composed of substances such as acidity regulato...

Design of Rectangular Sheet Type Component Solder Pad

Abstract:Thought the design software has been very advanced and convenient, and has been improving fast, it can’t satisfy all the designer, especially no solder pad library responding to all kinds of SMC or SMD. So analyze the influences of PCB solder pad on the reliability of PCA, and according to the relative quality requirements, give some simple design methods.Solder Pad Design:1. Rectangular Sheet Type Component Solder Pad:The inspection of welding quality of rectangular components, whet...

PCB Requirements for Typical SMT Equipment

Introduction:There are many types of SMT equipment. How to make the design of PCB meet its requirements is decided by the type of equipment. The basic requirements of typical SMT equipment to PCB in China are summarized as follows.Edge (Break-away tab):PCB in the process of SMT equipment is generally completed by rail transportation. When locating in equipment such as patch machine and wave soldering, it is guaranteed that it can be fixed reliably. Generally, more than 5mm should be reserved at ...


Introduction of MVI & ICT & X-Ray Inspection

MVI (Manual visual inspection):Manual visual inspection, shortly as MVI, is a method to detect defects in digital circuits by naked eye, magnifier and microscope in SMT production. In the manual visual inspection, you can also make a comprehensive judgment with the help of metal needles or bamboo toothpicks, and with appropriate force and speed across the QFP pins. In addition, MVI has a good effect in checking whether the IC pin has pseudo soldering or bridge connection. MVI with the aid of mag...

MVI (Manual visual inspection) ICT (In-Circuit Test) AXI (Automated X-Ray Inspection)

PCB Layout and The requirements of The Drawing of Pads

Introduction:In SMT production process, the layout of PCB and the pattern of component solder pad are very important to production efficiency and product quality. Through long-term practice, it is found that good layout and welding panel graphics can greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. Principles of Component Arrangement:The component arrangement at design time should conform to and follow the following principles.a) Principle of uniform heat distribution of welding. ...

PCB Layout PCB Design

HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018--- PCBWay Factory Visit

---HardworX Shenzhen Innovation Tour 2018--- PCBWay Factory Visit (If you want to know more about the details of this tour, please click here!)Abstract: On November 12, 2018, PCBWay was honored to receive a team from Australia and visit our factory, which was led by Ms. Vela who was the founder of HardworX. HardworX is a company which helps growth stage startups and scaling SMEs unlock the power of hardware by demystifying manufacturing and the hardware supply chain, helping them get to scale su...

Analysis of Common Problems of PCB Cleaning

Introduction:With the rapid development of PCB manufacturing technology, PCB cleaning technology must be constantly updated and developed. Various cleaning technologies emerge at the right moment have different advantages and disadvantages in the process of their use. This paper discusses the analysis and solutions of the problems that often occur in these PCB cleaning technologies.1. White Spots:One of the problems encountered after the formation of the cleaning process is that after the PCB...

PCB Cleaning

The Purpose of PCB Design

Introduction:The purpose of any design is to be able to manufacture successfully and effectively. The design is ineffective if it is divorced from the purpose. PCB design is also for better achieve and improve the speed, cost and quality of manufacturing.1. Design of Edge span style="color:#333333;background:white">Positioning Hole:In order to realize production, PCB panel design and layout must be done well. The edges, on both sides of the PCB board, must be not reserved less than 5 mm, and ...

PCB Design

Enter the PCBWay Thanksgiving Event Page, Get 500 Beans to Redeem Gifts!

Introduction:As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming! Are you looking forward to it? After the preheating of Christmas and Halloween, our activities have come to a climax this year. We have also prepared a surprise activity for Thanksgiving, and this activity is more simple and wonderful than the previous two activities! Let's see how we can get in!Enter the PCBWay Thanksgiving event page, Earn 500 Beans!(Coming soon)Time: November 21 - November 23Participant: All customersParticipation Metho...

PCBWay Thanksgiving

Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival 2018------From October 25 to December 25, A Lot of Surprises Are Coming to You!

Introduction:How time flies! There are only two months left in 2018! Do you feel that this year has passed too quickly? Do you still remember the activities of Christmas and Halloween held in PCBWay last year? Are you still attached to last year's activities? So, let me tell you something very exciting, that is PCBWay's 2018 surprise activities. Do you want to know what activities are available? Let me elaborate on our activities this year.First surprise---Free Prototyping for Christmas ...

Discount Coupon Halloween Free Prototyping Christmas PCB Nov and Dec Shopping Festival 2018

The PCB Assembly Process

IntroductionWith the rapid development of the modern information industry, electronic products are constantly improving and updating. Any electronic product cannot be separated from printed circuit board, which is the support body of electronic components and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. High-density electronic product assembly on PCB is mainly dependent on SMT process. The rapid development and popularization of SMT---an important component of electronic advan...

Reflow Soldering AOI Component Placement Adhesive Dispense SMT Assembly PCB Assembly

4 important tips for PCBWay 24-Hour Express Service

Since PCBWay launched 24-Hour Express Service, it has brought much benefit for some customers who often have urgent PCB projects on their agenda. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that it also has brought some complaint from some customers whose orders are delayed. It is precisely because of the special nature of the urgent orders, so that these customers' complaints are particularly critical. As shown by data, most “delay” was caused by misunderstanding the 24-Hour Express.1. So, first of all, defin...

pcb manufacturing pcbway 24-hour express

New feature released - convert Eagle.brd to Gerber file by one click online

When you prepare to upload your PCB file - Eagle.brd, you will find a new button in the below page “Eagle.brd ==> Gerber file”;After clicking this button, you will be redirected to a new page. In this page, you can convert Eagle.brd to Gerber file by just one click, and you are allowed to download the generated Gerber zip file to check it in the Gerber viewer of a professional PCB design software before uploading it online. What’s more convenient, we offer 2D Gerber render in this page so tha...

Gerber PCB Eagle

PCBWay get ISO 9001 RoHs UL certificate

PCBWay have been certificated with ISO 13485:2016.ISO 13485:2016 specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements. PCBWay is able to provide certification of REACH SVHC to PCB product.The European Chemical Agency (ECHA) has current and future substances identified as Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC).Once a substa...

ISO 13485:2016 SVHC REACH ISO 9001:2015 CE RoHs UL certificate PCBWay

How to generate Gerber files from DipTrace

1. Outputs-Gerber2.Default Configuration★ You need to export the drill hole files separately.3. Output to a single ZIP file.4. Place an online order on PCB Instant Order

Gerber Conversion DipTrace Gerber

How to generate Gerber files from Eagle

Generally it doesn't work to use the Eagle files for PCB manufacturing , so the situation will be better if you can send the Gerber files directly to a PCB fab. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to export Gerber files from your eagle .brd file, then you can upload it to PCBWay online system for fabrication.*If you are using the lastest version of Eagle software ( Eagle 9.20 or higher ), please take a reference of THIS POST.*Before generating Gerber files from Eagle, firstly you need...

Design Gerber PCB Eagle

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