Meet PCBWay At Productronica Messe München 2019

Hello PCBWayers,We will be Messe München for this year's Productronica Fair. The chance that we talk to you face to face and give our most sincere greetings. In addition to the product display, we also prepare a lot of mysterious gifts, which will definitely make your visit much more enjoyable. Main Exhibits:Various rigid PCB (single boards/double boards/multi-layer boards/HDI/ Rogers/High-Tg FR4)Aluminum PCBFlexible PCBRigid-flex PCBPCB AssemblySMD StencilPCB Online Order SystemFair Details:PCB...

pcb exhibition electronics fair Messe München Productronica PCBWay

Mounting And Protecting Custom PCBs With Laser Cut Faceplates, Panels And Enclosures

By Lisa Horn @PonokoYou’ve put your heart and soul into building a custom electronics device with PCBWay. While the soldering, connecting and working out any bugs is complete, you’re not done…yet.No, this piece of hardware perfection can’t be left naked with its board and wires exposed for all the world to see. It must be protected from the elements so it performs as designed for years to come. You need a custom electronics enclosure.Making The Perfect Parts For Your PCB BoardUnless you’ve got s...

PCBWay And Ponoko Partner To Make Hardware For Pro Makers

Two Companies, One VisionPonoko and PCBWay have joined forces to help professional makers dream up and create the most innovative electronic devices and systems available today. The companies have developed a digital creative workflow for pro makers to build custom electronics and shells with precise accuracy, marketability and the all-important ease, speed and reduced cost that comes with working digitally.PonokoWhile they have manufactured parts for the likes of Amazon and Intel, their mission...


Electrodeposition Photoresist --- A New Technology of HDI PCB Manufacturing

Introduction:With the rapid development of PCB, there are many challenges and much higher requirements of PCB, such as high density, high speed, miniaturization and so on, which makes the traditional manufacturing technology not meet the requirements of these new PCBs.The Traditional Patterns Manufacturing Technology of Multilayer PCB (Take out-layer patterns as an example):After making the inner patterns of multi-layer PCB (MLB), and then it will carry on laminating, drilling and PTH. And after...

Electrodeposition Photoresist HDI PCB

Key points of seven commonly used interface types in circuit design

We know that there may be some problems in the data exchange of each sub-module of the circuit system so that the signal can not be normally and circulated in high quality. For example, sometimes the working sequence of the circuit sub-modules is deviated (such as CPU and peripherals) or The respective signal types are inconsistent (such as the sensor detects the optical signal), etc., then we should consider the corresponding interface to deal with this problem well. The following is a descript...

PCB Design interface

Battery capacity measurement using Arduino [Lithium-NiMH-NiCd]

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoFeatures:Identify a fake Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer/NiCd/NiMH batteryAdjustable constant current load (can also be modified by the user)Capable of measuring the capacity of almost any kind of battery (below 5V)Easy to solder, build, and use, even for beginners (all components are Dip)An LCD user interfaceSpecifications:Board Supply: 7V to 9V(Max)Battery Input: 0-5V(max) – no reverse polarityConstant Current Load: 37mA to 540mA(max) – 16 Steps – can be modified by the ...

Battery capacity

How to place the inductance of the switching power supply on the PCB design?

This article will explain how to place the inductance of the switching power supply on the PCB design. First, let's look at this question: Where should the coil be placed?Switching regulators for voltage conversion use inductors to temporarily store energy. These inductors are typically very large in size and must be placed in the printed circuit board (PCB) layout of the switching regulator. This task is not difficult, because the current through the inductor may change, but not instantaneously...

Buck Conversion Switching regulators

Meet PCBWay At HKTDC 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

Hello PCBWayers,We will exhibit at HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) on 13-16 October 2019. The chance that we talk to you face to face and give our most sincere greetings. In addition to the product display, we also prepare a lot of mysterious gifts, which will definitely make your visit much more enjoyable.Main Exhibits:Various rigid PCB (single boards/double boards/multi-layer boards/HDI/ Rogers/High-Tg FR4)Aluminum PCBFlexible PCBRigid-flex PCBPCB AssemblySMD StencilPCB Onlin...

pcb exhibition electronics fair hong kong hktdc2019 PCBWay

PCB layout tips of DC/DC buck converter

The circuit layout is as important as design when implementing a DC-DC buck converter. Poor layout can seriously reduce the design effect. Now let PCBWay introduce some of the best layout practices.Good goals of circuit layout 1.Control radiation and induced noise2.Reduce interference between different parts of the circuit3.Reduce circuit area4.Effective thermal management5.Improved voltage regulation and circuit efficiency6.Avoid additional "band-aid" circuits such as buffers7.Increase stabilit...


Call for partnership in PCBWay Third PCB Design Contest(coming in October)

Dear PCBWayers,The third PCB Design Contest will begin in October, 2019. Since the establishment of PCBWay Shared Project (PCBWayer community), we have collected thousands of outstanding projects. “Bring Your Idea To Life”, is the new theme of this year PCB design contest. Your project will no longer just exist on the web, you will have the opportunity to make it a real product, a business, which will be sold on various platforms, including PCBWayer Bazaar. Call for partnershipPCBWay PCB Design ...

shared projects startup PCBWay PCB Design PCB Design Contest

Gold, Silver and Copper in PCB

The PCB is support for electronic components and is a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components, mainly for supporting and interconnecting. From the outside, the outer layer of the board has three main colors: gold, silver, and light red. Classified by price: gold is the most expensive, silver is second, light red is the cheapest. However, the circuit inside the board is mainly pure copper, which is bare copper.Why are there precious metals on the PCB?PCB as a support for electr...

Immersion Silver Immersion Gold PCB CCL

Selection of Surface Treatment Process

The choice of surface treatment process depends mainly on the type of component that is finally assembled. And the surface treatment process will affect the production, assembly and end use of the PCB. The use occasion of five common surface treatment processes will be described below.Hot Air Solder Level(HASL)HASL has been dominant in PCB surface treatment processes. In the 1980s, more than three-quarters of PCBs used HASL, but the industry has been reducing the use of hot air leveling processe...

Immersion Gold HASL Surface Treatment Process

What Is A Spot Welder And Why Do You Need One

By Michael & George MarinisElectric and electronic enthusiasts love having every single tool that can make their lives easier. Today, we will be presenting a tool that does just that, a spot welder.What does a spot welder do?:A spot welder – as its name implies – is a device that can weld two metals at a single spot. These two pieces of metal should be “clean”, meaning that there must be no paint or any other coating, so that the current can pass through them. The most important characterist...

Spot Welder

Several factors for the increased temperature of printed circuit board and its solutions

The direct factor for the temperature rise of PCB is the existence of power consumption parts and the heat generation intensity varies with the power consumption.There are two phenomena of temperature rise.1.Sectional temperature rise or full -area temperature rise;2. Short-term temperature rise or long-term temperature rise.For the detailed reasons, they are generally analyzed from the following aspects.1.Electrical power consumption(1) Analysis of power consumption per unit area;(2) Analyze th...

heat dissipation components thermal conductivity cooling system heat sink PCB

Common Surface Treatment Processes

Surface treatment purposeThe most basic purpose of surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since copper in nature tends to exist in the form of oxides in the air, it is unlikely to remain as raw copper for a long time, so other treatments of copper are required. Although in the subsequent assembly, strong flux can be used to remove most of the copper oxide, the strong flux itself is not easy to remove, so the industry generally does not use strong flux.Common ...

Surface treatment

How to measure differential signals using an oscilloscope [Examining the ADSL2+]

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoSingle-Ended TransmissionSingle-ended signaling is a simple and common way of transmitting electrical signals from a sender to a receiver. The signal is ground referenced (0 Volt) and one conductor (wire) carries the signal and one conductor carries the common reference potential. The current associated with the signal travels from sender to receiver and returns to the power supply through the shared ground connection. If multiple signals are transmitted, the carrier r...

differential signal measurement using oscilloscope

Development Trend of Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing Process Technology

Introduction:The manufacturing process of rigid-flex PCB is different due to the different types of substrates. The main processes that determine its performance are fine-line technology and microporous technology. With the requirements of the miniaturization, multi-function and intensive assembly of electronic products, the manufacturing technologies of rigid-flex PCBs and embedded flexible PCBs aiming at high-density combination are widely concerned about the high-end PCB technology at present...

Manufacturing Process Technology Rigid-Flex PCB

The Impact of Pre-treatment in Solder Mask Bridge of PCB Production

Introduction:In the PCB industry, in order to ensure the insulation of solder mask of the printed circuit boards, as well as prevent the oxidation of the PCB surface and beautify the appearance, it is usually necessary to apply a layer of solder mask on the PCB surface and the substrate that do not need to be soldered. With the rapid development of electronic industry, the solder mask technology has been developed rapidly.The solder mask between the pads of SMD is called Solder Bridge, whose fun...

SMD Solder Mask Bridge

How to build an adjustable switching power supply using LM2576 [Buck Converter, CC-CV]

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoAbstractSwitching power supplies are known for high efficiency. An adjustable voltage/current supply is an interesting tool, which can be used in many applications such as a Lithium-ion/Lead-acid/NiCD-NiMH battery charger or a standalone power supply. In this article, we will learn to build a variable step-down buck converter using the popular LM2576-Adj chip.FeaturesCheap and easy to build and useConstant current and constant voltage adjustment [CC, CV] capability1.2V...

adjustable switching power supply

How is the PCB safety spacing designed?

There are many places in the PCB design that need to consider safe spacing. Here, for the time being, they fall into two categories: one is electrical-related safety spacing, and the other is non-electrical-related safety spacing.Electrical-related safety spacing1 Wire SpacingFor the processing capability of mainstream PCB manufacturers, the distance between the wires and the wires must be at least 4 mils. The minimum line spacing is also the line-to-line, line-to-pad distance. From a production...

Non-electrical-related safety spacing Electrical-related safety spacing Safety Spacing PCB

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