Drive high quality graphics to HUB75 RGB matrix panels ---- SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4

Want to add a lot of LEDs to your Arduino project? HUB75 RGB panels are a good choice. Worried about the quality of the graphics? Lucky you! SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 can drive high quality graphics to HUB75 RGB matrix panels. Using SmartLED Shield with SmartMatrix library and the Teensy 4 is the easiest way to drive high-quality and high pixel count graphics to RGB LED panels with a microcontroller.Moreover, the shield is easy to assemble with no soldering, and plugs right in to compatible H...

microcontroller Crowd Supply LED SmartLED Shield for Teensy 4 HUB75 RGB matrix panels

PCBWay TV Show 04- PCB Can be ART!

PCB art design is the practice of putting high-quality visual designs and patterns on a circuit board. PCB Art has many forms. These can be simple things like text and logos of a company, or more advanced patterns like pictures and vector graphics. Today we’ll introduce some more beautiful PCBWayer’s PCB Artworks for you. Let’s go check them.1.Brainy“Brainy is a beautiful PCB pin badge, it is shaped like a brain and it has a funny face with a band-aid. Wear it and shine everywhere!It has 8 charl...

PCB Painting LED Pikachu Badge Badge Art PCB PCBWay

Visual Embedded Rust Programming with Visual Studio Code

Create and edit Embedded Rust programs for STM32 Blue Pill and Apache Mynewt… By dragging and dropping blocks!Tomato Crop and Temperature Sensors on Moon Base OneThe year is 2029. Humans are populating the Moon, starting at Moon Base One.You have one and only one responsibility… Making sure that the crop garden on Moon Base One produces beautiful red tomatoes.How would you create the IoT sensor devices to monitor the growing conditions of the crop garden?…Like reading the temperature periodicall...

Nb lot Stm32 Rust Internet of Things Programming

PCBWay TV Show 03- Let's Make ROBOTS!

The emergence of the word robot and the advent of the world’s first industrial robot are both recent decades. However, people’s fantasy and pursuit of robots has a history of more than 3,000 years. Nowadays, robots helped humans in many ways, do repetitive work on the production line, dive into the deep ocean or travel at the outer space to conduct research task or even in charge on the battlefield. While in the eyes of the makers, what purpose does the robot have? How did they make a unique ro...

Mars Rover Swarm Robot Flex Sensor Robot Stegosaurus Robot Arm Robot Drawing Robot Dancing Robot Otto DIY BB-8 OTTO DIY Robot

PCBWay Q&A-001 | Get to Know More about PCBWay Services

In this series of articles, we will answer the questions that are frequently asked by our clients. And this Q&A 001 is mainly about our full-featured PCB relative services. You can also enjoy our video version below. We invite Daphne, customer service manager who has worked at PCBWay for over 6 years to answer the following questions.Q1: Could you pls give a brief introduction about the services that PCBWay are offering ?Daphne: Sure. As we can see from our website, currently we are not only...

Gerber Viewer Gift shop PCB Design Service PCB Assembly Service PCB Prototype PCBWay

Creating customizable handheld gaming devices----Open Game Station

If you are a game fan, you can’t miss Open Game Station.It is an open hardware platform designed by Longan Labs, which allows you to build a modular, handheld gaming console capable of playing classic 8-bit games. You can add modules to expand the console, install free games from community-maintained collections, and modify code to customize your experience or develop your own games. What's more, it's easy to install games on and supports all Arduboy-based games.How to install?1.Connect the micr...

Crowd Supply 8-bit games open hardware platform Open Game Station

Juggling STM32 Blue Pill For Arduino Jugglers

Have you outgrown the Arduino Uno? Do you feel like Arduino Uno is giving you a straw to sip a big slice of cake, one tiny crumb at a time?You are not alone! Many Arduino Jugglers have the same sentiment — Arduino developers who juggle multiple sensors, aggregate the data from sensors and stream the aggregated data to the cloud, all at the same time. We all wished for something better than a straw.The Arduino Uno is a great tool for learning IoT. Friendly development tools, affordable developmen...

Internet of Things Bluepill IoT Stm32 Aiduino

PCBWay TV Show 02- How is LED Shining in the Life of Electronic Makers ?

1907, a British Henry Joseph round discovered that when an electric current is applied to the inorganic materials, it could emit light. Since then, people start the study of the LED. And through the development of many years, not only LED burst into various brilliance in the lighting field but also applied in various fields. And nowadays our awesome makers use these tiny light bulbs into the various projects. And it’s all start from the human instinct of pursuit light. This article will show 14 ...

Solar Panel LED Cube Arduino Holographic LED POV Display PCBWay LED

Design Custom IoT Protocols & Gateways ------iotSDR

If you are looking to build their very own Internet of Things protocols and gateways, you may be interested in a new versatile development board called the iotSDR.iotSDR provides a platform that allows SDR developers and enthusiasts to develop cutting-edge solutions in the IoT radio and network domains. Equipped with two narrow-band Microchip AT86RF215 frontends the development board is capable of providing I/Q streams and modem functionality for the Xilinx ZYNQ SoC, as well as a MAX2769 GNSS ch...

LoRa network domains IoT radio Crowd Supply PCBWay iotSDR Protocols & Gateways IoT

Winner Interview - Meet Kevin Yang and his D.I.Y LED VU Meter

PCBWay Team: “Could you please briefly introduce yourself?”Kevin Yang: “Hello, PCBWay community. My name is Kevin Yang. I'm a rising freshmen self high school. And I guess to describe myself, find my electronics hobbyist. That's been just fiddling around with electronics for the last four years. And I just like playing around with Arduinos and then most of the time I prefer to just use bare transistor logic, resistors, capacitors. As well, I'm an AI and enthusiast and I like programming. ”PCBWay...

D.I.Y LED VU Meter PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest PCBWay PCB

Rust Rocks NB-IoT! STM32 Blue Pill with Quectel BC95-G on Apache Mynewt

The year is 2029. Humans are populating the Moon, starting at Moon Base One. Two Moon Base Operators are about to commit another grave mistake in the crop garden of beautiful red tomatoes…Tomato Crop and NB-IoT Sensors on Moon Base OneOperator 1: After the last IoT calamity I’m glad we switched from MQTT to CoAP Servers connected by NB-IoT. Now that we have added many sensors to our crop garden, our NB-IoT Sensors need to transmit more efficiently. Can you change the CoAP payload from JSON to CB...

Programming Stm32 Internet of Things Rust

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Version 2), Using ATTiny13

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoFeaturesHigh stability and no sensitivity to the ambient lightLaser-cut acrylic (plexiglass) enclosureCost-effectiveFlow control capability of the hand-sanitizer/alcohol (efficiency)Through-hole components (easy to solder)Single-layer PCB board (easy to fabricate) Single and cheap ATTiny13 microcontrollerLow standby current consumption As we all know, the COVID-19 outbreak hit the world and changed our lifestyle. In this condition, alcohol and hand sanitizers are vital...


What is the Purpose of Plating Nickel on PCB?

The chemical element symbol of nickel is Ni. Because of its excellent physical, mechanical, and chemical properties, nickel has many applications in engineering and industry, such as anti-corrosion, increased hardness, wear-resistance, and magnetism. It is mainly used in alloy formulations, such as nickel steel, nickel-chromium steel, nickel-copper, etc. to increase its corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Because of its good oxidation resistance, it was often used to make coins in the...

OSP Surface Treatment Matte Tin Passivation IMC Nickel Plating ENIG

Board for building robots --------3DoT Board

As an hardware focused Group, Humans for Robots develops a new expansion dock for the 3DoT Board. The 3DoT Board is the brain, power, and controller of any robot - all on a 35 x 70 mm PCB, It can get your robots up and running. You can control your robot from a computer anywhere in the world in community mode by utilizing the phone’s cameras and Bluetooth connection to the 3DoT Board. To go further, you can program the board using the popular Arduino IDE using the 3DoT Arduino library to help yo...

microcontroller hardware Open source Arduino Bluetooth community mode robots 3DoT Board

PCB Design - Eight PCB Marks You May See And Never know What They Are Before

If you’re an electronics hobbyist and you hold a new PCB with your bare hands, usually you will spend several minuets staring at it. You want to capture all the art behind it and to see if there is any new technique should be adapted in your next PCB design, but sometimes you can find some marks, and can’t figure out their functionality. In this micro blog I will introduce 8 common PCB marks like these.Eight Common PCB Marks:From Left to Right: Stamp Holes – Types of Holes- Solder Thief pad – Fi...

Slots Fiducial Marks Solder Thief Pad Types of Holes Stamp Holes PCB Marks PCB Design

PCBWay TV Show 01 - What Did Makers Do to Fight Against COVID-19?

At the beginning of 2020, a virus named COVID-19 swept China and within a few months, most countries suffered to varying degrees. During that miserable times, lots of makers created many meaningful projects with a desire to help fight back the COVID-19. This article will introduce 5 different kinds of projects made by our intelligent PCBWayers. You can also watch the video version below.1. CoviclcokCoviclock is a protoboard for NodeMCU + ILI9341 display born during the Covid-19 pandemic, hence t...

Temperature Sensor Open Source 3D Printed Face Shield Maker COVID19 PCBWay

OpenOCD on Raspberry Pi: Better with SWD on SPI

Sneaky tricks to align stray bits into proper bytesThe setup that we see above… Debugging nRF52 with a Raspberry Pi running VSCode and OpenOCD… Was impossible just a week ago!OpenOCD connects to nRF52 for flashing and debugging by running Arm’s SWD protocol over GPIO Bit Banging. OpenOCD was sending data to nRF52 one bit at a time… Works fine when OpenOCD is the only task running, not when it’s sharing the CPU with VSCode and other interactive tasks!That’s because multitasking skews the precise ...

Internet of Things SPI Sandbox IDCODE nRF52 Pi SWD SWD Raspberry Pi OpenOCD

What is Flex PCB? — An Overview of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

The most common and used type of Printed Circuit Boards is the rigid type, but the flex one is another type that you may think of using it after getting yourself familiar with, especially that it is now more available than before as more manufacturers are providing this type.In this article we will see what flex PCB is, where flex PCB can be used, why it is more costly, and finally how to order a flex PCB from a manufacturer like PCBway.For the first impression, readers may think that PCBs may c...

calculator Flex PCB Design use cases manufacturing FCB PCBWay Rigid-Flex PCB Flex PCB

The Formation and Prevention of Black Pad and Phosphorus-Rich Layers

In our daily SMT soldering operations, we often find that ENIG surface-treated boards are prone to two fatal problems: nickel corrosion and phosphorus-rich layers. Once such problems occur, they often cause a lot of batch solder joint reliability problems. Because these two types of problems are very concealed, the current reproduction is generally not easy to detect. Once found, most of them are too late. The damage and losses have already been caused and may not be able to make up.There are ba...

ENIG SMT phosphorus-rich layer black pad

Coupons, Lucky Draw, Special Offers: Get Started With PCBWay's 6th Anniversary Celebration

It is coming! July 15 - August 15, we will celebrate our 6th anniversary. We are very appreciate for your supports and trusts. In return, we have prepared plenty of surprise for You-- dear PCBWayers. Are you ready!1.Coupons giveawayFree couponsEach PCBWayer can get 7 coupons which totally worth $410 at this page. And you’ll get the ONE MORE CHANCE to get all these coupons again, if you shared our event to your social media or invite a friend to place an order successfully.Grand couponsYou can ge...

PCBWay social media activity video lucky draw coupons anniversary sale 6 years celebrate

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