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In this section, you’ll find a kind of PCB based on an open source project. Every Monday we would ship it out FREE for some lucky electronic enthusiasts . This week, we would like to share to project named “ Easy/Newbie PCB for MySensors ”, which you can find details at Let’s start from the following steps to get the FreePCB: 1.Follow us on Twitter. Every Monday we give out 4 pcs FreePCB to 2 random Retwitters . 2.Dislike Twitter ? Like us on Facebook and leave a comment. Als...

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The movement of the head of a component placement machine in the vertical place for parts orientation and insertion.


The ratio of usable parts at the end of a manufacturing process to the number of components submitted for processing.


Capillary absorption of liquid along the fibres of the base material.


A needle-shaped metallic growth on a printed circuit board.


The formation of a relatively uniform, smooth, unbroken and adherent film of solder to a base material.

Weave Exposure

A condition of base material in which a weave pattern of glass cloth is appearing on the surface though the unbroken fibres of the woven cloth are completely covered with resin.

Wave Soldering

The technique of joining parts to a PCB by passing the assembly over a wave of molten solder so as to coat the pre-fluxed areas to be joined.

Wave Exposure

A surface condition of base material in which the unbroken fibres of woven glass cloth are not completely covered by resin.

Voltage Plane

A conductor or portion of a conductor layer on or in a printed board which is maintained at other than ground potential. It can also be used as a common voltage source, for heat sinking, or for shielding.


The absence of any substances in a localized area.


The property of a fluid that enables it to develop and maintain a level of shearing stress dependent upon the velocity of flow and then offer continued resistance to flow. The absolute unit of viscosity measurement is poise, or more commonly, centipoise.

Virtual Prototype

A virtual (computer model) representation of an electronic product that can be used to explore different design scenarios and then verify that the product will work as planned before building a physical implementation.


A plated through-hole used as an interlayer connection and not as a terminating point for a component lead. It may also be blind (incomplete penetration) or buried (non-surfacing).

Via Hole

A plated through-hole whose only purpose is to connect a track on one layer or side of the board through to a track on another layer or side. In a via, there is no intention to insert a component lead or other reinforcing material.

Vapour Phase

The solder re-flow process that uses a vaporized solvent as the source for heating the solder beyond its melting point,creating the component-to-board solder joint.

Vacuum Pick-up

A component handling tool with a small vacuum cup for ease of pick-up and removal during de-soldering.

Unsupported Hold

A hole containing no conductive material nor any other type of reinforcement.

Underwriters’ Symbol

A logotype authorized for placement on a product which has been recognized (accepted) by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL).


A groove or excavation at one edge of a conductor caused by etching.

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