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Shared Projects | PCBWay+ Community | PCBWay Website Exploration 05

by: Dec 12,2022 4074 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

The PCBWay+ community is a platform for electronics enthusiasts and makers to share projects, discuss topics in electronics, find information about PCB design, and get help for projects. This community is created for all people with a common passion for electronics. 

When entering the PCBWay+ community, you can see several subject headings on the navigation bar and each of them has its special purposes and functions. Today, we’ll start with the most popular part of our community - Shared Projects.

Shared Projects

The “Projects” section is the place to share, explore and remix open source hardwares, especially for PCB and 3D printed projects, from which you can not only gain inspiration from more than 40 categories of project branches with almost tens of thousands of projects submitted, but also get commission when your shared designs are being sold.

There are two ways of sharing your projects to let more people know. You can either click the "share &sell" button from your order list on the account management page (Video Note: Only for PCB projects), or just click "create a project" button on the upper right of the community to be directed to the sharing page (Video Note: Available for PCB, CNC and 3D projects).

On the sharing page, you need to fill in some basic project information including the title, category, etc. Detailed information could better help people understand your project and exchange their ideas. You can choose the corresponding open source license according to your needs, and decide whether to upload the design files or not. Even if you upload the Gerber file, you can still select the “not allowed” option for the “Gerber Download” section. In this case whether in the community or the cart, others can’t download and get access to your file. 

Once your submission has been approved after review, you can go to "My Profile" and select “Shared Projects” to check, edit, delete or stop sharing it at any time. From another perspective, if you want to order the PCB of an open-source project, you can directly click the “add to cart” and set customized parameters. When an open-source project contains both the PCB and assembly files, you can choose to order the PCB only or combine it with assembly service.

Note: If others place an order through your shared project, PCBWay will donate 10% of the order amount (PCB/ assembly cost /3D Printing /CNC cost) to you for your contribution to the Open-Source Community. The commission will be put into your PCBWay account, and you can choose to withdraw it or just leave it in your account balance. Also, you can get beans through sharing creative projects. Beans can be used to redeem products or coupons from our gift store, which we will introduce more in our next video, just stay tuned!

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