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Special Sections | PCBWay+ Community | PCBWay Website Exploration 08

by: Jan 14,2023 5544 Views 0 Comments Posted in Help Center

In addition to the shared projects and the gift store, there are also other special sections in the PCBWay+ community. Each of them has its specific features and functions. 



If you have problems or confusion about PCB design or any service we provide, then the “Questions” section is the place where you can get help. In the “Questions” section, you can search for the topic that you’re concerned about by keywords or select them based on the categories. If you can't find the answers to your confusion, then you can directly post it here and wait for help. Moreover, by answering other people’s questions, you will get corresponding PCBWay beans according to the quality of the answers.



Sponsorship is another meaningful integral part of our community. We are honored to have sponsored different kinds of non-profit or crowdfunding projects. And our aim has always been to value every designer’s inspiration and help them make it into reality. If you are confident enough about your project, describe it with details through our online application form. The more detailed your project information is, the better we can assess your project and give you our support.



Feedback is the place where you can get actual order reviews for reference if you haven’t placed any order at PCBWay before. In this section, you can also share your own ordering experience, which can not only help others make better a choice but also help us improve our services.

Videos & Blog



To help our PCBWayers learn more about our services and activities, we here provide other two forms of information. In the videos section, you can find the whole series of PCB manufacturing processes, PCB Assembly, PCB knowledge, etc. 

In the blog section, we provide 16 categories of articles, ranging from PCB design tutorials to technology information. You can search for the title or content you needed in the search box, and the related results will show below. At the same time, you’re encouraged to share your knowledge about PCB design tips, software instructions, step-by-step tutorials, or anything that you think should be discussed at PCBWay and you will get the corresponding rewards. If you want to express your ideas about electronics and receive feedback from the community, fill in the online form and join us. 

Join us
Wanna be a dedicated PCBWay writer? We definately look forward to having you with us.
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