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Notes of Product No. on Your PCB

by: Jul 10,2023 3853 Views 4 Comments Posted in Help Center

PCBWay will add the Product No. on PCB to distinguish your PCB from others. The position where the Product No. is added is not fixed, we will try to put it under the IC so that the number will be hidden when soldering.

You can choose whether to remove Product No., and it is worth noting that removing the ID requires an additional $1.50.


You can specify where to place Product No. for free. Please indicate the location by adding the text "WayWayWay" in the silkscreen layer and then select Specify a location. It is important to select the option, otherwise, we may not notice that you need to specify the location.

Example diagrams of the three options:

If you choose to panel, Product No. will be added to the break-away rail.

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