Generate Position File in Kicad

1.Set the origin pointSelect the menu bar Place-> Drilling and Position Offset, place the origin at the bottom left corner of the PCB board frame, and then place [Layer Alignment Mark] to the position of the origin just placed.2.Generate Footprint Position FileClick the menu [File] >> [Fabrication Output] >> [Footprint Position (.pos) File], select the output directory, other default, click [Generate Position File]. Open the package location file with Notepad or text editor. You c...

PCB Position File Kicad

3 important tips to PCB Typesetting Engineering

Define Typesetting EngineeringAfter your PCB layout is verified, it will be transformed into production data. To achieve the standard production, your layout data will be put into a standard panel with other layouts, the process is called typesetting. Three important tips you must read:1. We normally put the layout data with same solder mask, copper thickness, surface finish into one standard panel. 2. There will be a few HASL PCB that may be added to the standard panel with ENIG . This means t...

PCB PCB Layout Engineering Typesetting

How to generate Gerber from Sprint Layout 6.0

Because of its high practicability and simple interface, Sprint-Layout is gradually loved by more and more users. Now we're gonna teach you how to generate Gerber files from Sprint-Layout 6.0 step by step, which is actually not that difficult.Open your .lay6 file in Sprint-Layout 6.0 by clicking "File" -->"Open"2. Export Gerber files: Click "File" --> "Export" --> "Gerber Export" to export the Gerber files with different required lay...

Gerber Sprint Layout

How to Read & Understand a Circuit Diagram

Introduction:Today, I would like to ask you a question, when you are just a beginner in the PCB field, whether it is the same as me, every time I see the circuit diagram, I think "oh my god! Am I a fool? If not, why can't I read any of these circuit diagrams and why on earth am I taking this course?” I think a lot of people will be confused as me, when we face the crisscross dense lines but do not know how to start. In fact, circuit diagrams are easy to understand and easy to use. The k...

4 important tips for PCBWay 24-Hour Express Service

Since PCBWay launched 24-Hour Express Service, it has brought much benefit for some customers who often have urgent PCB projects on their agenda. Meanwhile, there is no doubt that it also has brought some complaint from some customers whose orders are delayed. It is precisely because of the special nature of the urgent orders, so that these customers' complaints are particularly critical. As shown by data, most “delay” was caused by misunderstanding the 24-Hour Express.1. So, first of all, defin...

pcb manufacturing pcbway 24-hour express

Necessary file for PCB Layout

1.Schematic Diagram ( DSN or SCH format is best)2. Structure Diagram (DXF or DWG format)3.Component Datasheet ( component dimension drawing must be included, it is used for package)4. Special requirements or something we need to pay attention

pcb layout

Check your order's fabrication & processing status online

Many customers choose our PCBWay as their only PCB manufacturer, not only because of the high quality and unbeatable price, but also because we can provide excellent services on And one of them that has been mentioned a lot by customers is “Production Status” on the Background management. So let me introduce it clearly to all of you. MI(Manufacture Instruction):Customer’s file (Gerber) is used to generate the manufacturing data for the specific PCB (artworks for imaging processes and...

Real-time Tracking Production Status fabrication Background Management

Gerber File Extention from Different Software

Gerber files are files that all circuit design software can produce. They are also called stencil data in the electronic assembly industry, and light painting files in the PCB manufacturing industry. It can be said that Gerber files are the most common and most widely used file formats in the electronics assembly industry. Therefore, for an electronics manufacturing company, it is very important to have a computer-aided manufacturing CAM software that can handle Gerber files. It has the effect o...

extention gerber

Generate Gerber file from Kicad

Usually, it is easier to generate Gerber files using Kicad than other PCB design software. All you need to do is to select the necessary layers and to not forget generating the DRILL file. Now, let’s get started!1. Open your .kicad_pcb fileAfter opening your Kicad project - .pro file, you can double click the .kicad_pcb file or click the “PCBNew” button to open your PCB editor. 2. Plot your Kicad PCB as Gerber filesClick the “File” menu -->”Plot” and choose the necessary layers shown as below...

Tutorial PCB design Kicad Gerber

How to deal with the theoretical conflicts on wiring ?

1). Basically, it is correct to divide the modulus / division. It is important to note that the signal trace should not cross the moat, and do not let the return current path of the power supply and signal become too large.2). The crystal is a simulated positive feedback oscillator circuit with a stable oscillation signal that must meet the specifications of the loop gain and phase, and the oscillation specification of the analog signal is susceptible to interference, even if the ground guard tr...

Wiring EMI

How to avoid high frequency interference?

The basic idea to avoid high-frequency interference is to minimize the interference of the high-frequency signal electromagnetic field, that is, the so-called Crosstalk. You can increase the distance between the high-speed signal and the analog signal, or add ground guard / shunt traces next to the analog signal to avoid high-frequency interference. Also, don't foget to pay attention to the digital ground to the analog ground noise interference.A multi-layer printed circuit board is construc...

High frequency interference

How to choose the material of PCB ?

The choice of PCB material must meet the design requirements, the quality of production and cost need to achieve a balance. The design requirements include electrical and institutional parts. This material problem is usually important when designing very high speed PCB boards (frequencies greater than GHz). For example, the commonly used FR-4 material may not be used when dielectric loss at several GHz frequencies, which can have a significant effect on signal attenuation . In the case of electr...

Material PCB

Generate gerber file from Altium

Step1: The work before generate the Gerber file Before generate Gerber file, you need to set criteria, but for most of PCB designers, these are not necessarily. The following is a brief explanation of these settings, You can also ignore these setting when generate Gerber file. 1. The settings of PCB shape and size, generally are mechanic1,2 layers.2. Before generate the Gerber file, the preprocessed of PCB file.The preprocessed include:a. Add break away rails of PCBb. Add stamp hole.c. Add the m...

gerber file pcb design altium pcb software

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