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PCBWay-OEM Service | PCBWay Website Exploration 04

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What is PCBWay-OEM Service?

PCBWay provides customers with one-stop Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), which helps our customers convert ideas into commercialized products. PCBWay-OEM can help with customized solutions, mass production, and all aspects of related services, including design, component procurement, PCB manufacturing, patch, plug-in, testing, assembly, and other processes. https://www.pcbway.com/oem.html


Processes of OEM Service


Before getting a quote for OEM service, you need to submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) online that mainly contains two parts. One is the basic business information, containing company name, address, industry, etc., and the other is the project information, containing project category, project name, outsourced processes involved in your projects, etc., Detailed project information can help us to evaluate the project more comprehensively and effectively, and if you have a sample of the project, you can also send it to us for reference. A NDA file could be signed before this process.


Project Review

Once we have received the submitted RFQ, we proceed to the project review process. A dedicated team is set up to assess the product's manufacturability, reliability, and other relevant properties, and at the same time, we will make a rough calculation of the budget for the equipment. If we assess that the project can be manufactured then a formal project order will be created.


Confirm Detailed Requirements and Reach an Agreement

We will contact you to confirm some details of the project and your target price. At the same time, we also provide approximate cost quotations for you based on the supply of different components. If you consider that the price is within a reasonable range and a cooperation intention can be reached, then we can sign a formal cooperation agreement. In addition, we will then provide a final price list and delivery schedule based on raw materials, equipment inputs, labor inputs, etc.


Samples & Mass Production

Once all of the above processes have been completed, the factory can arrange for the production of samples including mold review, design, component confirmation, and many other processes. If there are any problems during the sample process, we will communicate with you in a timely manner to ensure that you receive feedback on each stage of production seamlessly. We will then deliver the completed samples to you for confirmation when they’re done. Once the samples meet your performance requirements and are free from any errors or mistakes, mass production can be carried out.


Delivery& Payment

The finished product will be sampled and tested before delivery. If there are no special problems with the test results, the delivery and payment can proceed.

The above are the general processes of OEM service. For further details or clarification about PCBWay-OEM service, feel free to leave your comments below then we'll answer you as soon as possible.

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