Top 10 Failure Analysis Techniques for PCB

As a carrier of various components and a hub for circuit signal transmission, PCB has become the most important and critical part of electronic information products. The quality and reliability of the PCB determine the quality and reliability of the entire equipment. However, due to cost and technical reasons, a large number of failures have occurred during the production and application of PCBs.For this kind of failure problem, we need to use some commonly used failure analysis techniques to en...

Scanning acoustic microscope Slice analysis X-ray fluoroscopy

Real-time updates of production during the epidemic

Dear PCBWayer,Our factory has resumed production as planned since February 10,2020. In response to the national policy, and at the same time to ensure the health and safety of all employees, we will conduct safety isolation and observation for some employees for 14 days. Production capacity (Updated on March 11,2020)Orders for PCB, SMT and Stencil with all parameter's options are acceptable. Production is currently proceeding at the fastest speed, and lead time has also been significantly reduce...

2019nCoV update epidemic, pcbway

PCBWay's factories have started production (Updated on Feb 10,2020)

Dear PCBWayers,With the efforts of the government and all society, the epidemic has been greatly controlled. Our factory also has resumed production as planned today, February 10,2020.At present, the epidemic situation has not been completely over. In response to the national policy, and at the same time to ensure the health and safety of all employees, we will conduct safety isolation and observation for some employees for 14 days, so about 1/3 to 1/2 of factory employees have not fully on duty...

pcb production workers factory pcbway back to work

Stack-up Design in PCB

In general, PCB stack-up design mainly follows two rules:1. Each trace layer must have an adjacent reference layer (power or ground layer);2. Maintain a minimum distance between the adjacent main power layer and the ground layer to provide a large coupling capacitance; The following is an example to explain the stack-up from two-layer board to eight-layer board:I. Stack-up of single-sided PCB boards and double-sided PCB boardsFor two-layer boards, the problem of lamination is no longer due to th...

Stack-up EMI

Generate Position File in Kicad

1.Set the origin pointSelect the menu bar Place-> Drilling and Position Offset, place the origin at the bottom left corner of the PCB board frame, and then place [Layer Alignment Mark] to the position of the origin just placed.2.Generate Footprint Position FileClick the menu [File] >> [Fabrication Output] >> [Footprint Position (.pos) File], select the output directory, other default, click [Generate Position File]. Open the package location file with Notepad or text editor. You c...

PCB Position File Kicad

We Are Growing!!! 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019

Dear PCBWayers,Happy New Year. It is a great honour to have you in our community and PCBWay is moving forward with new goals. Looking back at 2019, "Growing" has been running through this extraordinary year. The following is 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019.1. こんにちは、ついにオンラインになりました。 is online that is great news for PCBWayers in Japan. 2. Pro service , Advanced PCB comes out. High-end PCB Manufacturer with multilayer, HDI, Rogers, High Tg FR4, IPC2 and IPC3. Learn more>>3. PCB...

factory contest PCBWayer highlights happy new year PCBWay PCBWay2019

Low Noise Adjustable Linear AC-DC Power Supply

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoFeatures:AC – DC ConversionDouble output voltages (Positive – Ground – Negative)Adjustable positive and negative railsJust a Single-Output AC transformerOutput noise (20MHz-BWL, no load): Around 1.12mVpp Low noise and stable outputs (ideal to power Opamps)Output Voltage: +/-1.25V to +/-25V Maximum output current: 300mA to 500mA Cheap and easy to solder (all component packages are DIP)A double output low noise power supply is an essential tool for any electronics enthus...

AC-DC Power Supply

Impedance Matching in HDI PCB Design

Impedance matchingImpedance matching means that when source is transmitted, the load impedance must be equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. At this situation, the transmission will not reflect, which indicates that all source is absorbed by the load. Conversely, there is source loss during transmission. In HDI PCB design, impedance matching is related to the quality of the signal.When do PCB traces need impedance matching?It does not mainly decided by the frequency, bu...

Parallel terminal matching Series termination matching PCB design Impedance Matching HDI

Important Processes of Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturing

Introduction:Flexible printed circuit boards are used in a wide range of applications, almost all types of electronic products are involved, and the emergence of rigid-flex PCBs for the complex electronic packaging interconnection provides a better way to produce perhaps the most complex interconnection structure of the PCB products. The rigid-flex PCB includes two technologies what are the flexible printed circuit board technology and the rigid printed circuit board technology. For example, by ...

Rigid-Flex PCB,Drilling,Electroless Plating

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! More than 10K PCBWay Christmas Badges 2019 are given away

Now the festive atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. I think you are all doing a lot to prepare for this important festival in December. As your loyal partner, PCBWay has also been preparing for Christmas events, and I hope to celebrate the festival with PCBWayers around the world.This year's Christmas gifts are 3 Christmas badges, in the shape of ball, star and reno (Special thanks Jorge @akirasan for such amazing designs). They can be perfectly used to decorate the Christmas tree. We have pr...

coupon badge Christmas pcb pcb prototype free Christmas

Programmable Police LED Flasher Using an STM8 [36+36 LEDs]

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoThe STM8S001J3 is an 8-bit microcontroller that offers 8 Kbytes of Flash program memory, plus an integrated true data EEPROM. It is referred to as a low-density device in the STM8S microcontroller family. This MCU offered in a small SO8N package. In this article, we are going to build a programmable Police LED Flasher device that can be used for vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles.[1]: Circuit AnalysisFigure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the device. The heart of thi...

police led flasher using an stm8

7 Tips in Designing PCB

1. Flexible application of via designFor high-voltage, high-current, high-power, and high-heat components, the layout of components should be as loose as possible when designing printed boards. The size of the component pads and the pad spacing of each solder pin can also be designed bigger. If the number of circuit components and the size of the printed board allow, you can also design some vias in the space between the pads of the components and the copper foil of the printed board according t...

copper foil component PCB

Embedding of Passive Components into Flex PCB

Introduction:Miniaturization and multi-function of products are the main driving force for the development of electronic industry. Printed circuit board is the most common electronic assembly platform. These include rigid or flexible polymer substrates and ceramic substrates for metal wiring. Typically, various components and subsystems are mounted on the board surface. However, in order to reduce the number of components on the surface of the printed circuit board, researchers are constantly st...

Passive Components Embedding Components Flex PCB

Semi-Flex PCB

Introduction:Traditional rigid-flex PCB materials include rigid materials and flexible materials. The current production method is usually to carry on the pattern plating for the rigid substrates and flexible substrates, and then laminating the rigid substrates and flexible substrates together by using the adhesion agent. The materials of the adhesion agent are usually made of non-flowing prepregs. Flexible materials are expensive and costly to make. At present, the cost of multilayer rigid-flex...

Free Prototype for Christmas PCB at PCBWay

Dear PCBWayers,No one should forget that Christmas and New Year are special days for everyone. It is important at this time to recognize all the support made by PCBWayers from all over the world. Thanks to your considerations and evaluations, we are getting better in our industry and we will continue offering always the best service.PCBWay's yearly promotion, Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival 2019 is LIVE (End at Dec 31, 2019). GO!!!1. Use coupon code: CHRISTMAS10 (500pcs of limit) to get $10 d...

Christmas pcb share and sell pcb prototype free Christmas

How does Arduino detonate the world of open-source hardware makers?

In addition to having a strong hands-on ability and a passionate heart, Maker also has a must-have skill – “Arduino Board”. From grotesque hardware gadgets to tens of millions of dollars in commercial products Pebble smartwatches and Makerbot 3D printers start with such an inconspicuous Arduino board. "Fifty years ago, people who wrote the software needed to wear a white apron to know everything about semiconductors. Now? Even my mother can program." Massimo Banzi, one of the founders of Arduino...

Hardware Open Source Arduino

Obsidian ESP32 --- Combination of Raspberry Pi and ESP32( Original from Crowd Supply)

Thomas McKahan is a long-time software and hardware tinkerer, beginning with Apple BASIC and 555 timers and working up to embedded Linux and system design. Currently, he made a new open-source hardware Obsidian ESP32, which is an Espressif ESP32-based board in the familiar form factor of popular single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. This allows you to use a wide variety of ready-made Raspberry Pi peripherals (or other peripherals) with the Arduino IDE, Espressif IDF, or MicroPython. The Rasp...

ESP32 Raspberry Pi CrowdSupply

Hacker Trip to China 2019----PCBWay Factory Tour

October 29th, PCBWay was so honored to have hackers from HTTC2019(Hacker Trip to China) which is led by Mitch Altman came to visit our assembly factory in Kengzi, Shenzhen. Mitch Altman is a hacker and inventor, known for inventing TV-B-Gone, a keychain that turns off TVs in public places. He is a co-founder of Noisebridge hackerspace in San Francisco and is president and CEO of Cornfield Electronics. In 2009, he launched a campaign Hacker Trip to China which draws a diverse, fascinating group o...

PCB Assembly AOI PCB Manufacturing Information

DC to DC Buck Converter [Adjustable, 97% Efficient, 3A]

By Hesam Moshiri, Anson BaoA tiny DC to DC buck converter board is useful for many applications, especially if it could deliver currents up to 3A (2A continuously without heatsink). In this article, we will learn to build a small, efficient, and cheap buck converter circuit.[1]: Circuit AnalysisFigure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the device. The main component is the MP2315 step-down buck converter.Figure 1Schematic diagram of the DC to DC buck converterAccording to the MP2315 [1] datasheet:...

DC to DC Buck Converter

How to achieve PCB automatic routing efficiently?

1. Determine the number of layers of the PCBBoard size and the number of routing layers need to be determined early in the design process. If the design requires the use of high-density ball grid array (BGA) components, the minimum number of routing layers required for routing these devices must be considered. The number of routing layers and the stack-up method directly affect the routing and impedance of the printed routing. The size of the board helps determine the stacking and line width to ...

DFM BGA Automatic Routing

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