Some Points of Flex-PCB Assembly

Introduction:The assembly of flexible PCB is basically same with the rigid-PCB assembly, and in actual manufacturing process, the operator will take different processes according to the different requirements of the process. Its common single-side mount flexible PCB assembly process as shown in the figure 1.Characteristics of Flex-PCB Assembly:Flex-PCB Attached to Rigid-PCB:Flexible PCB is easy to be deformed due to its light and thin characteristics, so it cannot be assembled directly on the SM...

PCB Assembly

PCB Requirements for Typical SMT Equipment

Introduction:There are many types of SMT equipment. How to make the design of PCB meet its requirements is decided by the type of equipment. The basic requirements of typical SMT equipment to PCB in China are summarized as follows.Edge (Break-away tab):PCB in the process of SMT equipment is generally completed by rail transportation. When locating in equipment such as patch machine and wave soldering, it is guaranteed that it can be fixed reliably. Generally, more than 5mm should be reserved at ...


Determining SMT Process and Its Packaging

Abstract:Standardized design is good for the accomplishment of electric with SMT and the improvement of production efficiency. Introduce the standardized design of process flow, the choice of components, the layout of PCB, the requirement of SMT machine for design. The standardized design will assure the products to be of higher manufacturability, quality and production efficiency.Determine the Technological Process:In the initial stage of product design, the designer should basically determine ...

The Main Factors Affect the Quality of SMT Soldering and Its Solutions

Abstract: SMT process as the core of the electronic assembly process, the welding quality affects the overall quality of the products. For SMT industry, high quality welding quality is the basis of products, and the capital and leverage for products to compete with others. The following are some main factors affecting SMT welding quality.Materials:As one of the important components of SMT, the quality and performance of materials directly affect the quality of backflow welding, so that the follo...

Reflow Welding 3. Scraper Stencil Solder paste SMT

Something You Must Know about Surface Mount Technology (SMT)

Introduction:Surface-mount technology (SMT) is a method for producing electronic circuits in which the components are mounted or placed directly onto the surface of printed circuit boards (PCBs). An electronic device so made is called a surface-mount device (SMD). In industry, it has largely replaced the through-hole technology construction method of fitting components with wire leads into holes in the circuit board. Both technologies can be used on the same board, with the through-hole technolo...

Surface-mount technology SMT PCB Assembly PCB

The PCB Assembly Process

IntroductionWith the rapid development of the modern information industry, electronic products are constantly improving and updating. Any electronic product cannot be separated from printed circuit board, which is the support body of electronic components and the provider of electrical connection of electronic components. High-density electronic product assembly on PCB is mainly dependent on SMT process. The rapid development and popularization of SMT---an important component of electronic advan...

Reflow Soldering AOI Component Placement Adhesive Dispense SMT Assembly PCB Assembly

PCB assembly process steps

Surface Mount Assembly ProcessOriginally, all PCBs were assembled by hand using only a solder iron. As technology progresses, components get smaller and more difficult to assemble by hand and the amount of components that may fit on a single board increases. Thus the need for auto assembly was developed.Required ElementsThe following are the required elements for auto assembly:Gerbers in 274-X (embedded apertures) including fabrication drawing.Part centroid text file with Reference Designators, ...

AOI Solder Paste Printing assembly steps assembly process PCB Assembly

How to Build a BOM (Bill Of Materials)

Chefs create recipes. Hardware Engineers create BOMs (Bill of Materials). The BOM is an ingredients list for building your product.What is a Bill of Materials (BOM)? a Bill Of Materials (BOM), which serves as the foundation for building the product. It’s a fundamental set of data, used throughout the process. A well constructed BOM clearly communicates all of the technical ingredients required to build the product.From this information, it’s possible to determine:Lead-time to procure the materia...

BOM Example PCB Assembly Bill of materials BOM

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