PCBWay Plug-In for FreeCAD

Send your 3D design to PCBWay for instant production with just one click.PCBWay's 3D & CNC services always well received by our customers. Now we have an in-depth cooperation with FreeCAD.FreeCAD ...

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Introduction of 3D Printing Wall Thickness

Wall thickness refers to the distance between a surface to its corresponding surface. Generally speaking, the thicker the wall thickness of 3D printing, the greater the hardness and strength of the pa...

3D Printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Three Printing Technologies: FDM, SLA, SLS

FDMAdvantages: Easy to operate and maintainMore economical and cost-effective compared to other methodsNo need to use irritating chemicals, which is more environmentally friendly Suitable size which c...

3D Printing

How to Choose Infill Percentage for 3D Printed Parts

When doing 3D printing, we usually don't choose solid infill, so the density of the infill has a big impact on the printed part. When less infill material is used, so does the time and cost of printin...

3D Printing

How to Share Projects in PCBWay Community

Two ways to share projects:1.Enter PCBWay community (https://www.pcbway.com/project/shareproject/) and find the Create a project button.2.Once upload a PCB file in our website, there will be a Share&a...

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Basic Introduction of SLS 3D Printing

HistorySLS ( Selective Laser Sintering ) is one of the earliest 3D printing technologies. Nowadays, the two most common powder bed fusion systems are plastic based, which is called SLS.PrincipleThe SL...

3D Printing

3D Printing Repair Tips

Correction of the bent nylon pieceThe first step is to heat the side that needs to be repaired, soften it for correction.The second step is to take a heavy object and place it on the curved surface, c...

3D Printing

Commonly Used 3D Printing Softwares

1.SolidworksSolideworks is a modeling software that industrial designers often use.Advantage: simple to use, be able to deal with complex models and is widely used in industrial design.Disadvantage: o...

3D Printing

3D Priting PLA vs ABS vs Nylon

PLA, ABS and Nylon are three main materials used in 3D Printing, they are all thermoplastics, which means they enter a malleable state when heated, and&nbs...

3D Printing PLA ABS Nylon

3D Finished Case - Hand Puppets

Anime and manga trendy play - hand puppetsPart size: 219*178*145mmIntroduction: As a high-end consumer product, the anime doll has always received the majority of anime fans, in addition to IP licensi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Router Enclosure

Industrial Electronics - Router HousingPart size: 100*100*22mmIntroduction: A large e-commerce platform customized products, the precision of each batch of products, material performance and other hig...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Orthodontics

Medical Applications - OrthodonticsPart size: 98.2*49*11.5mmIntroduction: Made by DLP industrial equipment, the molding accuracy can reach 0.02mm. using the latest intraoral scanning equipment to accu...

3D printing DLP Technology

3D Finished Case - Airplane Magazine

Precision casting - Aviation magazinePart size: 683*498*466mmIntroduction: 3D printing process in the field of investment casting has the advantages of high molding accuracy, free modeling, fast deliv...

3D printing casting Technology

3D Finished Case- Dragon Sculpture

Sculpture beauty - Dragon sculpturePart size: 1936*498*576mmIntroduction: Printed by 2m1 large SLA equipment integrated printing molding, no splicing detail performance excellent. Compared with the tr...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Dashboard Car Parts

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Instrument PanelPart size: 1632*638*576mmIntroduction: Printed in one piece by 1m8 large SLA equipment, no splicing, no scaling, the original assembly test and wi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Architectural Sand Table

Architectural sand table - Micro home sand tablePart size: SplicingIntroduction:The micro home sandbox has a total of 3926 parts, 90% using 3D printing technology, the whole production process took 6 ...

3D printing SLA Technology

Тест на живучесть 3D-пластиков длиной три года (Three-year survivability test for 3D plastics)

Вопрос который волнует, пожалуй, любого любителя 3D печати: “как долго просуществует напечатанный мною шедевр?”. Интернет полнится противоречивыми данными - от одного года до вечности, в зависимости о...

3D printing plastics materials for 3D printing test of time PETG

What is 3MF? Is it better than STL format?

The STL file is the current popular file for 3D printing. Now, this file form is gradually being replaced by the 3MF format. STL is a kind of 'old' 3D file format, which was first published by 3D Syst...

3MF STL PCBWay 3D Printing HP 3D Systems

Several Common Metal 3D Printing Technologies

Metal 3D printing is considered the vertex of all 3D printing. The earliest metal 3D printing patent is DMLS (direct metal laser sintering), which was obtained by EOS in Germany in the 1990s. Since th...


3D printing technology of FDM

Melt deposition modeling (FDM) or melt filament manufacturing (FFF) is an additive manufacturing process, which belongs to the material extrusion series. In FDM, objects are constructed by select...

EDM 3D Printing Technology Conductive Materials

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