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3D Priting PLA vs ABS vs Nylon

by: May 20,2022 3886 Views 0 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

3D Printing PLA ABS Nylon

PLA, ABS and Nylon are three main materials used in 3D Printing, they are all thermoplastics, which means they enter a malleable state when heated, and then return to a solid when cooled.

This blog will compare these materials, introduce the diiferences between them to help you know which meet your needs best.


PLA is a kind of biodegradable that comes from renewable plant resources, it has the highest strength and stiffness

among these three materials. And its low melting temperature and minimal warping make it popular in 3D Printing, But this feature also means PLA is not suitable for high temperature environment, it will rapidly lose its structural intergrity and begin to deform when reaching 50°C- 60°C.

PLA can print sharper corners and features than ABS, but its poor heat resistance make it only gain the attention of hobbyist.


ABS has a lower strength and stiffness compared to PLA, but is owns better ductility and bending strength, this combines with its high melting temperature (105°C) makes it more suitable for practical application.

It has excellent mechanical properties, but is harder to print and more prone to warping than PLA, so it costs more than PLA.


Nylon is a kind of plastic with flexiblity and durablity, has the highest ductility and an impact resistance ten times than that of ABS. And also has a high chemical resistance, meanwhile owns the highest manufacturing requirements.

3D Printing products made by FDM, whether it is ABS or PLA, are not smooth in appearance, and the printed layers are clearly visible.

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