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Why Your 3D Printing Inquiry Wasn't Approved

by: May 17,2024 490 Views 0 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

3D printing Inquiry Failure

Question:Wall thickness in the design has not reached at least Xmm, please modify the file.

Requirement of wall thickness is different for different printing methods and sizes:

This is just a reference, if the difference is not too big you can choose to accept the risk to print. If you cannot accept the risk, you can adjust the file according to the wall thickness requirements.

Question: File format is not support.

The 3D printing support file format are *.stl, *.obj, *.step, *.stp.

Question: The size is beyond capability.

Different size requirement of different materials:

Resin: 2100mm*700mm*800mm(max)

Nylon: 390mm*390mm*400mm

ABS: 800mm*800mm*800mm

PLA: 1300mm*1300mm*1300mm

PC: 800mm*800mm*800mm

TPU: 450mm*300mm*300mm

PETG: 1300mm*1300mm*1300mm

ASA: 800mm*800mm*800mm

Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Die Steel : 300mm*300mm*300mm

Question: FDM process is not suitable for this part, because of its small size and complicated structure. It's recommended to use nylon(SLS process) or resin material (SLA process).

Complex structure of the part so the support is not good to remove. Print out the effect is not good. So it is suggested to change to Nylon material and use the SLS or MJF to print without the support.

FDM printing has many supports, so for non-square parts boxes, resin and nylon are generally recommended.

Question: The 3D file and the 2D technical drawing are not for the same part. Please confirm that.

Please confirm did you upload the wrong file. If they are same part, please contact your sale rep to calim it.

Question: Without the 2D technical drawing.

If your parts have tap threads/ inserts/ assembly requirements, you need to upload the 2D technical drawing and specify the detail information of your requirement in drawing.

Question:The material is not suitable for this surface finish.

For resin, there will be 5 surface options to choose. (1. Spray painting: matte or high gloss. 2. Electroplating: matte or high gloss. 3. Detail sanding)

For nylon, there will be 3 surface finish option to choose. (1. Spray painting: matte or high gloss. 2. Dyeing.)

For plastic, metal and TPU material, there is no surface finish suitable. 

If you still have question of your order, you can contact your sale rep for help.

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