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3D Finished Case - Router Enclosure

by: May 12,2022 4263 Views 0 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

3D printing SLA Technology

Industrial Electronics - Router Housing

Part size: 100*100*22mm

Introduction: A large e-commerce platform customized products, the precision of each batch of products, material performance and other high consistency requirements, requiring the overall shell can be formed in one go, each snap tightly. Its toughness and strength can meet the natural fall from 1-1.5 meters without breaking. Fiber optic jack part not only requires accurate opening accuracy, but also must have excellent toughness and strength, and the fiber optic connector can be stuck stably and not broken when inserted.

Delivery time: 24 hours

Material selection: Uf-S3100, Somos® Ledo, Somos® Taurus

Process points: External coating process Internal support structure design High performance material process

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