Congratulations on the Success of PCBWay 4-layer Ultra-thin 0.25 mm and High Density HDI PCB

As the electronic products become thinner and smaller, the thickness and volume of PCB installed in these devices are smaller, which promotes the gradual maturity of HDI technology, resulting in ultra...

HDI PCB Technology

3D Finished Case - Hand Puppets

Anime and manga trendy play - hand puppetsPart size: 219*178*145mmIntroduction: As a high-end consumer product, the anime doll has always received the majority of anime fans, in addition to IP licensi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Router Enclosure

Industrial Electronics - Router HousingPart size: 100*100*22mmIntroduction: A large e-commerce platform customized products, the precision of each batch of products, material performance and other hig...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Orthodontics

Medical Applications - OrthodonticsPart size: 98.2*49*11.5mmIntroduction: Made by DLP industrial equipment, the molding accuracy can reach 0.02mm. using the latest intraoral scanning equipment to accu...

3D printing DLP Technology

3D Finished Case - Airplane Magazine

Precision casting - Aviation magazinePart size: 683*498*466mmIntroduction: 3D printing process in the field of investment casting has the advantages of high molding accuracy, free modeling, fast deliv...

3D printing casting Technology

3D Finished Case- Dragon Sculpture

Sculpture beauty - Dragon sculpturePart size: 1936*498*576mmIntroduction: Printed by 2m1 large SLA equipment integrated printing molding, no splicing detail performance excellent. Compared with the tr...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Dashboard Car Parts

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Instrument PanelPart size: 1632*638*576mmIntroduction: Printed in one piece by 1m8 large SLA equipment, no splicing, no scaling, the original assembly test and wi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Architectural Sand Table

Architectural sand table - Micro home sand tablePart size: SplicingIntroduction:The micro home sandbox has a total of 3926 parts, 90% using 3D printing technology, the whole production process took 6 ...

3D printing SLA Technology

All About FPC Hollow Board You Have To Know

About FPC hollow boardFPC hollowed-out circuit board, also known as window circuit board, FPC hollowed-out board, flexible hollowed-out board ect. Hollowed-out FPC board is made by punching, etching, ...

FPC hollow board circuit technology

3D printing technology of FDM

Melt deposition modeling (FDM) or melt filament manufacturing (FFF) is an additive manufacturing process, which belongs to the material extrusion series. In FDM, objects are constructed by select...

EDM 3D Printing Technology Conductive Materials

3D Printing: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) technology Introduction

1. selective laser sintering (SLS)Selective laser sintering, the metallurgical mechanism adopted is liquid phase sintering mechanism, during the forming process, powder materials are partially melted,...

SLS SLM 3D printing Technology

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