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3D Finished Case - Dashboard Car Parts

by: May 12,2022 1581 Views 0 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

3D printing SLA Technology

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Instrument Panel

Part size: 1632*638*576mm

Introduction: Printed in one piece by 1m8 large SLA equipment, no splicing, no scaling, the original assembly test and wind tunnel test of the real car were carried out, the parts are precisely sized, fitted together, the holes correspond one to another, and various structural and functional tests were completed in the water. PCBWay and domestic mainstream OEMs and OEMs maintain a year-round relationship, PCBWay has been in the hand board, modification, work tools, engineering plastic parts and other application scenarios for the automotive industry to provide tens of thousands of parts.

Material selection: Somos® Ledo, Somos® Taurus, Uf-H130, Uf-T8200

Process Highlights: Dimensional accuracy process High performance material process Large size printing process

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