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3D Finished Case - Architectural Sand Table

by: May 12,2022 1229 Views 0 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

3D printing SLA Technology

Architectural sand table - Micro home sand table

Part size: Splicing

Introduction:The micro home sandbox has a total of 3926 parts, 90% using 3D printing technology, the whole production process took 6 days, including 6 sets of model homes overall home decoration display, including lighting, liquid nitrogen and other special devices. The use of 3D printing technology can quickly obtain a scaled architectural model with complete replication of details and smooth and fine surfaces to assist designers in perfecting their initial design plans. The produced model can be easily displayed to customers, and the surface of the model can be painted and colored, and the interior can be installed with lamps, liquid nitrogen and other facilities according to the actual design needs.

Material selection: Uf-H130, Uf-S3100

Process points: external coloring process, internal display facilities internal support structure

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