3D Finished Case - Hand Puppets

Anime and manga trendy play - hand puppetsPart size: 219*178*145mmIntroduction: As a high-end consumer product, the anime doll has always received the majority of anime fans, in addition to IP licensi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Router Enclosure

Industrial Electronics - Router HousingPart size: 100*100*22mmIntroduction: A large e-commerce platform customized products, the precision of each batch of products, material performance and other hig...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case- Dragon Sculpture

Sculpture beauty - Dragon sculpturePart size: 1936*498*576mmIntroduction: Printed by 2m1 large SLA equipment integrated printing molding, no splicing detail performance excellent. Compared with the tr...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Dashboard Car Parts

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Instrument PanelPart size: 1632*638*576mmIntroduction: Printed in one piece by 1m8 large SLA equipment, no splicing, no scaling, the original assembly test and wi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Architectural Sand Table

Architectural sand table - Micro home sand tablePart size: SplicingIntroduction:The micro home sandbox has a total of 3926 parts, 90% using 3D printing technology, the whole production process took 6 ...

3D printing SLA Technology

What is 3D Printing? Read these 4 tips to know the truth of 3D Printing service in PCBWay

What Is CNC 3D Printing3D printing is a technology that builds objects based on digital model files, using bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic, and printing them layer by layer.The pr...


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