The Differences Between 3D Printing and CNC Machining

PCBWay Customization Service: With customers providing 3D and 2D files, we utilize various manufacturing methods such as CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal processing, and more to produce metal o...

3D Printing CNC Machining SLA SLS

3D Finished Case - Hand Puppets

Anime and manga trendy play - hand puppetsPart size: 219*178*145mmIntroduction: As a high-end consumer product, the anime doll has always received the majority of anime fans, in addition to IP licensi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Router Enclosure

Industrial Electronics - Router HousingPart size: 100*100*22mmIntroduction: A large e-commerce platform customized products, the precision of each batch of products, material performance and other hig...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case- Dragon Sculpture

Sculpture beauty - Dragon sculpturePart size: 1936*498*576mmIntroduction: Printed by 2m1 large SLA equipment integrated printing molding, no splicing detail performance excellent. Compared with the tr...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Dashboard Car Parts

Automotive Manufacturing - Automotive Instrument PanelPart size: 1632*638*576mmIntroduction: Printed in one piece by 1m8 large SLA equipment, no splicing, no scaling, the original assembly test and wi...

3D printing SLA Technology

3D Finished Case - Architectural Sand Table

Architectural sand table - Micro home sand tablePart size: SplicingIntroduction:The micro home sandbox has a total of 3926 parts, 90% using 3D printing technology, the whole production process took 6 ...

3D printing SLA Technology

What is 3D Printing? Read these 4 tips to know the truth of 3D Printing service in PCBWay

What Is CNC 3D Printing3D printing is a technology that builds objects based on digital model files, using bondable materials such as powdered metal or plastic, and printing them layer by layer.The pr...


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