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Keyboards & Input Devices PolyKybd Crowdfunding Project

PolyKybd Split72 is a mechanical split keyboard, notable for its innovative OLED displays embedded in each keycap. Each display features 72 keys with a resolution of 72x40 pixels. Leveraging these monochromatic screens, the keyboard ultimately delivers exceptional versatility, significantly enhancing the user typing experience from various perspectives.


Limitless Possibilities with OLED Display

The PolyKybd Split72, equipped with OLED screens, offers tremendous design freedom. You can customize and program each display to showcase shortcuts, unique keyboard layouts, preferred keyboard layer contents, and even letters from various languages. Undoubtedly, this caters to the diverse needs of the global keyboard user community.

Exploring Unique Keyboard Layouts

PolyKybd offers a high degree of freedom for customizing keyboard layouts according to your preferences. With the assistance of OLED displays, switching between layouts is incredibly convenient.

Multilingual Support

Diversity in communication is essential. On PolyKybd, from "Hello" and "Grüß Gott" to "Bonjour" and "こんにちは," you can choose any language you want to output content.

Custom Shortcuts

Regardless of your profession, creating custom shortcut icons is an effective way to enhance work efficiency. On PolyKybd, whether it's for photo and video editing, 3D design, or programming, the keyboard can help you easily recall them.

Customized Ergonomics

The PolyKybd adopts a split design following ergonomic principles to accommodate your typing posture and reduce discomfort during use.

Fully Customizable

All hardware and software resources are freely accessible. It is even possible to modify the firmware to meet specific requirements.

Features & Specifications:

  • Microcontroller: 2 RP2040 Dual Cortex M0+ processors @ 133MHz
  • Storage: 8MB Flash Memory for each processor
  • Displays: 72 monochromatic OLED displays with 72x40 pixels + 2 status displays with 128x64 pixels
  • Keys: 72 mechanical key switches of your choice (linear, tactile, clicky - a list of compatible key switches will be provided, or you can stick with ours)
  • Connectivity to Host: USB-C (to USB-A via adapter cable)
  • Size: Approximately 188mm x 135mm x 34mm per side
  • Firmware Technology: QMK Firmware
  • Expansion Port: 2 exclusive I/O pins and/or I2C (e.g., add rotary encoders, trackpads, or trackballs)
  • Weight: About 330g per side

This project is going to crowdfund on CrowdSupply, check PolyKybd Split72 for more info, and welcome to support it if you are interested:)

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