Impedance Matching in HDI PCB Design

Impedance matchingImpedance matching means that when source is transmitted, the load impedance must be equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. At this situation, the transmission will not reflect, which indicates that all source is absorbed by the load. Conversely, there is source loss during transmission. In HDI PCB design, impedance matching is related to the quality of the signal.When do PCB traces need impedance matching?It does not mainly decided by the frequency, bu...

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What Do You Know About HDI

What Do You Know About HDI—by PCBWayBasic Information:HDI board refers to High Density Interconnect, namely High Density Interconnect board. It is a relatively new technology developed by PCB industry in the end of 20th century. When the drilling hole size of the traditional PCB reaches 0.15mm, the cost is very high and it is difficult to improve it again because of the affection by the drilling tool. The drilling of HDI board no longer relies on traditional mechanical drilling, but uses the las...


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