Multilayer PCB Stack-up Basics | PCB Knowledge

Single-layer PCBs and double-layer PCBs are two basic types of boards that have only one or two layers of conductive materials over the substrate. When more routing space or signal integrity is requir...

PCB Stack-up HDI

Congratulations on the Success of PCBWay 4-layer Ultra-thin 0.25 mm and High Density HDI PCB

As the electronic products become thinner and smaller, the thickness and volume of PCB installed in these devices are smaller, which promotes the gradual maturity of HDI technology, resulting in ultra...

HDI PCB Technology

Quantum Leap: Any-layer HDI Technology of PCBWay

IntroductionPCBWay is a high-end PCB R&D and manufacturing company. Since 2015, the company is keenly aware that the future demand for high-density interconnection boards and high-frequency high-s...

HDI Any-layer 5G Blind Holes Laser Drilling

Impedance Matching in HDI PCB Design

Impedance matchingImpedance matching means that when source is transmitted, the load impedance must be equal to the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. At this situation, the transmissi...

HDI Impedance Matching PCB design Series termination matching Parallel terminal matching

What Do You Know About HDI

What Do You Know About HDI—by PCBWayBasic Information:HDI board refers to High Density Interconnect, namely High Density Interconnect board. It is a relatively new technology developed by PCB industry...


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