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Commonly Used 3D Printing Softwares

by: Jun 24,2022 3097 Views 2 Comments Posted in 3D Printing

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Solideworks is a modeling software that industrial designers often use.

Advantage: simple to use, be able to deal with complex models and is widely used in industrial design.

Disadvantage: only supports Microsoft Windows system.


Rhino is a commercial 3D computer graphics and aided design software available for Microsoft Windows system and MacOS.

Advantage: supports both Windows and Mac, rigorous parametric model is used, and Rhino can be widely applied.

Disadvantage: a little difficult to operate.


SketchUp is a 3D modeling software for drawing applications, mainly used in architecture, product design, mechanical engineering, film and game design. it requires the user to render surfaces and supports third-party plug-ins.

Advantage: there is a free version for users, rich in recources and easy to operate, support both Windows and Mac.

Disadvantage: Not very common in industrial design.


AutoCAD has a long history and owns a large number of users. It is suitable for architectural design, industrial design, engineering and graphic design.

Advantage: professional and be widely used, supports both Windows and Mac.

Disadvantage: difficult to get started, and the design of the system is not clear.


Completely subvert the working mode of traditional 3D design tools and respect the designer's creative inspiration and work habits.

Advantage: has high degree of freedom of operation and easy to make complex models.

Disadvantage: not very suitable for industrial design.

6.3Ds Max

3DMax, as a classic of Autodesk's 3D modeling software, is quite popular in video game development, art field, architectural visualization, and industrial design. Sophisticated particle and light simulations and its own script design make it an indispensable software for 3D modeling.

Advantage: can be widely used and easy to operate.

Disadvantage: only supports Windows.


Maya is also the top 3D software produced by Autodesk, which is more professional and more powerful than 3Ds Max. It is mainly used in television advertising, animation and film special effects.

Advantage: powerful, realistic rendering.

Disadvantage: too professional and difficult to get started.


CIATIA is mainly used in automotive design, shipbuilding, architectural design and industrial design.

The multi-platform applications in it generally have three layers:

The first is 3D CAD software, followed by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software, finally is the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software suite.

Advantage: very professional.

Disadvantage: supports Windows only and is very expensive.

9.Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a professional 3D modeling software with powerful parametric tools and analytical mesh tools for industrial design and architectural design.

Advantage: powerful and professional, supports both Windows and Mac.

Disadvantage: difficult to operate.

10.123D Design

123D Design is professional and easy to operate, and can be connected to 3D printers on the market.

Advantage: professional and easy to operate, supports both Windows and Mac.

Disadvantage: not so well known.

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