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How to order PCBs at PCBWay

by: Jun 24,2022 2087 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Basic Information

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Summary:       In this brief article, I will go over the start-finish process of ordering PCBs at PCBWay

Have you finished your project and now you want to get some prototypes fabricated? In this article, I will go over the start-to-finish process of ordering PCBs from PCBWay.

How to export gerbers?

To export gerbers from KiCad first Open KiCad>PCB Layout Editor(of your project)

the screenshot below, on the left there are all the layers of the project and you can decide via the eye icon whether to display a single element(silkscreen, copper, solder mask, etc.). At the top, you can your account rep. Once your file has passed review select "Proceed to Checkout"

You should see this, make sure you select the correct shipping address and billing address along with the payment method and any coupons or balance you wish to use. Once that is done, scroll down to select shipping method

After selecting your preferred shipping method click on "Place Order" where you will pay for your order, generally, they immediately start prepping the files for fabrication. I have included two images of one being a two-layer board and a four-layer board for your reference,

Two-layer board fabrication tracking:

Four-layer board fabrication tracking:

I hope anyone found this guide useful and I hope you enjoy your quality PCBs.

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