Flexible PCB and Its Manufacturing Process

Introduction:The development and wide application of flexible PCB are due to its remarkable advantages. First of all, its agile structure, tiny volume, light weight, good quality, which are satisfied the requirement of contemporary electronic product. Secondly, it can extend to three dimensional space, and improve the freedom of circuit design and mechanical structure design. These advantages not only reduce the workload of the whole machine and assembly errors, but also greatly improve the reli...

flex-PCB Flexible PCB

Overview of Flexible Printed Circuit Board

Introduction:Flexible Printed Circuit Board is a kind of Flexible, folding degrees higher polyester film or polyimide substrate after a series of production processes and made of a kind of components and circuits can be put, and can finish electrical functions with high reliability, good flexibility and light weight of the Printed Circuit Board, also can call it Flexible plate or soft Board, its English name is a Flexible Printed Circuit Board, FPCB for short. In the early days, it was mainly us...

Flexible Printed Circuit Board, Flex-PCB

Traditional Manufacturing Engineering of Flexible Substrate

Introduction:In recent years, with the rapid development of portable electronic products, flexible substrate to high-density development, flexible circuit board is widely used in IC circuit packaging, but also promote the development of flexible substrate to high-density direction. In the field of packaging, flexible substrates have some incomparable advantages over rigid substrates. For example, it is suitable for the assembly of ultra-thin chips, flexible electronic system packaging, medical i...

Flexible PCB Flex-PCB

Flexible PCB

Flexible circuits (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, flexi-circuits) are members of electronic and interconnection family. They consist of a thin insulating polymer film having conductive circuit patterns affixed thereto and typically supplied with a thin polymer coating to protect the conductor circuits. The technology has been used for interconnecting electronic devices since the 1950s in one form or another. It is now on...

Flexible PCB

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