Meet the Winners of Christmas 2023 Projects

Dear PCBWayers,In this season filled with laughter and blessings, we joyfully announce the winners of the Christmas 2023 Projects hosted by PCBWay! We received wonderful Christmas-themed projects, and...

Winner PCBWay 2023 Christmas Projects Award

Meet The Winner of Raspberry Pi Pico Contest

Since the pico competition was held in April, we have received 100 projects, which greatly exceeded our expectations, so we may need spend more time for judging.  Thank you all for your unde...

Raspberry Pi Pico Contest

Meet The Winners of PCB Design Tutorial Contest

Dear PCBWayers,Thanks for all the participants, it is time to announce the results of the competition , the aim of which was to select the authors of the most inspiring and interesting entri...

Winner PCB Design Tutorial Contest PCBWay,Prices

PCBWay “Raspberry Pi Pico” contest now available!

Coming and joining our new contest of Raspberry Pi Pico, upload your new project and get one Pico free from us!Learn more:

Raspberry Pi

Low Voice voltage regulators PCB

What is a voltage regulator?The voltage regulator is an electronic device's power supply unit that transforms incoming power into the desired form and current characteristics. It is a part of the powe...

voltage regulator circuit

RFID based Attendance system using Arduino and External EEPROM

Overview:In this post we are going to learn how to build a RFID based attendance system using Arduino development board, RC522 RFID reader module and external EEPROM. We will take a brief look at RC52...

Arduino reader module PCB


How To Make The Motorised Camera SliderNote: The content and the pictures in this article are contributed by Michael Klements. The opinions expressed by contributors are his own and not those of PCBWa...

Arduino prototype

DIY Power Supply to make your electronics live --- Innovation & Implementation S2E8

Since the day electricity was invented, our lives have changed really a lot. Electricity has not only brought us light in the nights, but also has become the underlying cornerstone of the continuous d...

Power supply battery Battery Capacity arduino Battery Charger Solar Charge Controller

Contactless Thermometer using Arduino with SD card temperature logger

Overview:In this project we are going to learn how to build an infrared based non-contact thermometer which can be utilized for screening people at schools, offices, shopping malls etc. for abnormal b...

Arduino sensor prototype

A compact Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier --- Piunora

What is Piunora?Piunora is a development board complete with IO headers, USB ports, and HDMI output. It has an M.2 connector, some built-in LEDs, a camera connector, and a few other features. It also ...

Raspberry Pi CM4 carrier Piunora CrowdSupply

Keeps production of 1-2 layers PCB/Assembly/stencil during the CNY holiday

Dear Customer:The Spring Festival of 2021 is coming, and we will start the Lunar New Year holiday from Feb 6th to 18th.Thank you for your trust and support.It is a great pleasure working with you.PCBW...

chinese new year holiday 2021

Amazing Speakers & Amplifiers Projects --- Innovation & Implementation S2E7

Sometimes music can touch the soundtrack of our lives and inspire us a lot. Today let's continue our discussion on Music and talk about some amazing Amplifiers and Speakers projects that bring the bea...

speaker amplify alexa smartphone goole bluetooth

A tiny, open-source, ESP32-powered retro-console ---MicroByte

What is MicroByte?MicroByte is a hand-held, open-source retro-console, which can execute games from NES, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, Game Gear, and Sega Master System. It owns a powerful battery life of u...

ESP32 retro-console game MicroByte CrowdSupply arduino IDE

Making IoT projects with ESP32 --- Innovation & Implementation S2E6

ESP32 is a popular and powerful module with Wi-Fi & dual-mode Bluetooth capabilities. Our brilliant PCBWayers made a lot of amazing projects based on it. Today let's check them with Lesley and Zoe...

esp32 wifi module IoT bluetooth android RFID GSM

A powerful & affordable Windows 10 Pro SBC ---Hackboard 2

Hackboard 2 is a single-board computer (SBC) based on a powerful Intel processor capable of running Windows. And it is amazingly affordable compared with other Intel-based SBCs.What's more, it is a re...

Windows 10 Pro SBC Hackboard 2 CrowdSupply

Building a Rust Driver for PineTime’s Touch Controller

Pretend you’re my IoT student. I give you a PineTime Smart Watch and challenge you to “Make it work… Especially the touch screen!” The Touch Screen appears to be lacking some documentation. What would...

Internet of Things Rust Gadgets programming Nrf52

Meet the Winners of Christmas Projects

Dear PCBWayers,Thanks for all the participants, it’ our great honor to see so many great projects. Today, the result of the first three prizes finally came out. Let’s see who are the winners!(In view ...

winner Christmas Projects PCB XMAS prize

Amazing DIY Raspberry Pi Projects---Innovation & Implementation S2E5

Since Raspberry Pi's launch in 2012, it has been sold 30 million worldwide in the eight years. The reason why Raspberry PI gains many fans in the electric area because it aims to make and sell inexpen...

Nintendo Game console Commodore 64 AWS loT Firebase

A camera can produce 3D depth data --- Onion Tau LiDAR Camera

What is the difference between Tau and a regular webcam?The Tau camera includes depth measurements, it means that it can produce 3D depth data instead of color frames. What is Onion Tau LiDAR Cam...

3D depth data Onion Tau LiDAR Camera CrowdSupply

Bidirectional Visitor Counter using Arduino and SD Card Module

Overview:In this project we are going to construct a bidirectional visitor counter circuit using Arduino which registers the number of people who made entry and exit at schools, library, offices, comm...

Visitor Counter arduino SD card LDR LCD

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