The Last Surprise Activity of 2018 is Coming! ---Christmas Coupons Wheel

Introduction:How time flies!!! Christmas is coming soon! The year 2018 will be over in just over 20 days! A New Year is coming. Do you have any plans? Or how are you going to spend Christmas? The activity of Thanksgiving Day in PCBWay has just come to an end, and we have already prepared a Christmas surprise for you, which is “Christmas Coupon Wheel---the last big event of 2018”! So, please allow me to introduce the details of this Christmas activity for you all!If you want to collect coupons, p...

Enter the PCBWay Thanksgiving Event Page, Get 500 Beans to Redeem Gifts!

Introduction:As we all know, Thanksgiving is coming! Are you looking forward to it? After the preheating of Christmas and Halloween, our activities have come to a climax this year. We have also prepared a surprise activity for Thanksgiving, and this activity is more simple and wonderful than the previous two activities! Let's see how we can get in!Enter the PCBWay Thanksgiving event page, Earn 500 Beans!(Coming soon)Time: November 21 - November 23Participant: All customersParticipation Metho...

PCBWay Thanksgiving

Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival 2018------From October 25 to December 25, A Lot of Surprises Are Coming to You!

Introduction:How time flies! There are only two months left in 2018! Do you feel that this year has passed too quickly? Do you still remember the activities of Christmas and Halloween held in PCBWay last year? Are you still attached to last year's activities? So, let me tell you something very exciting, that is PCBWay's 2018 surprise activities. Do you want to know what activities are available? Let me elaborate on our activities this year.First surprise---Free Prototyping for Christmas ...

Discount Coupon Halloween Free Prototyping Christmas PCB Nov and Dec Shopping Festival 2018

Get 10% off discount for your 2018 Hackaday Prize Project

As an electronic enthusiast, is there anyone who doesn't know hackaday? Hackaday is a community which you can publish your project about hardware and software. It include so many sections,such as arduino,raspberry Pi,Home Automotic, robots and so on. Just like what they said on the website. Hacking is an art form that uses something in a way in which it was not originally intended. This highly creative activity can be highly technical, simply clever, or both. Hackers bask in the glory of bui...

2018 Hackaday Prize Project Sponsorship

7 Tips On How To Make Your PCB Entries Stand Out From PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest

1. Choose the appropriate color of soldermask and silkscreen for your PCB project. 2. In addition to the PCB images generated by our website, you can upload more photos of the project. 3. The more detailed project’s description is, the better judges and other makers understand it. FYI, it is a good idea to insert a video, currently our platform supports “YouTube” and “Vimeo”.4. Open for Gerber download and BOM download. 5. Frequently share your entries to your social media and some open source f...

pcb pcb design contest tips

PCBWay Celebrating 4 Years: A Letter from Mr. Yan,PCBWay CEO

Dear All,This week, PCBWay is celebrating its 4th year as a PCB manufacturing company. We thank our clients, employees, and shareholders for their contributions to our continued success.PCBWay has always specialized in PCB prototype and small & medium-sized manufacturing. It was founded in 2014, and we are constantly growing. Each early start is very difficult, the website and factory system are both improved by the efforts of everyone, and I can still remember the original prototype website...

pcbway anniversary

Sponsorship package for 2018 PCBWay second PCB Design Contest

Sponsorship package------2018 PCBWay second PCB Design Contest PCBWay second PCB Design Contest is ongoing. Our main purpose of hosting this event is to find out the talented electronic engineers and to provide a platform for them to communicate and learn, and it showcases the amazing creativity and diversity of makers from our community. Whether your company is local or international, you will reach the right mix of technologist, creatives, hackers, and electronics enthusiasts. Last year, we co...

sponsor pcb design contest sponsorship

PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest

So excited to announce that PCBWay 2nd PCB Design Contest is starting. Through the first contest, we met many excellent makers and they also showed us lots of brilliant PCB designs. We sincerely welcome new competitors and former competitors to our 2nd PCB Design Contest. It’s organized by PCBWay, SpainLabs,YoREPARO, and ATMakers. Our main purpose is to find out the talented electronic engineers and to provide a platform for them to communicate and learn. There are mainly 3 big updates to the Se...

maker pcb design contest pcb

PCBWay sponsor Kickstarter creators

This is Sean Hodgins ‘s crowdfunding project “PIXO Pixel - An ESP32 Based IoT RGB Display for Make/100!” that lunched in Kickstarter. And it is so popular that 158 backers support him. And we are honored to made the project for him.Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform focused on creativity. The company's stated mission is to "help bring creative projects to life". There are so many creators lunch their project in Kickstater and finally successful.In order to create better environ...

Kickstarter creators

Cooperation between Crowd Supply and PCBWay

The picture is a crowdfunding project "Neosegment Digit" that launched by Maks Surguy at Crowd Supply. It is very popular that raised total $6500. We are honored to help Maks to assemble the project. PCBWay has helped creators assemble these projects in Crowd Supply:ALio Proto Board: The ALL-in-One Prototyping BoardNeosegment DigitPaperinoCrowd Supply is a crowdfunding platform based in Portland, Oregon and very popular among creators. Their mission is to bring original, useful, respec...

cooperaiton Crowd Supply

Get Meetup sponsorship from PCBWay

Our clients have spread all over the world after several years of development. We are honored to help so many engineers and enthusiasts complete their projects. And we also cooperate with organizers around the world, such as the Open Source Hardware Summit, makerfaire, SHA2017 and more. All the members make up PCBWay family. Someone said it is interesting to meet new friends if PCBWay hold offline meeting activity. Yes, it is so exciting to hear the ideas that we will gather electronic enthusias...

Meetup sponsorship

New product in PCBWay's gift shop! ESP8266 ESP-01 Serial WIFI Wireless Transceiver Module Receive LWIP AP+STA

ESP8266 is a complete and self-contained Wi-Fi network solutions that can carry software applications, or through Another application processor uninstall all Wi-Fi networking capabilities. EP-01 is the first and simplest board using the ESP8266. It allows to attach serial lines, and only breaks out two GPIO pins for native usage. Features:SDIO 2.0, SPI, UART32-pin QFN packageIntegrated RF switch, balun, 24dBm PA, DCXO, and PMUIntegrated RISC processor, on-chip memory and external memory interfac...

ESP-01 Redeem Beans Gift shop ESP8266

Mysterious Christmas gift from PCBWay

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance!It is highly appreciated for your continuing grand supports to us. We truly feel honored to be your chosen PCB manufacturer and value your trust in our company. PCBWay are excited to have built 200000 + projects for engineers and enthusiasts since establishment to present, including robots, wearable equipment and so on.We couldn't have developed so fast without everyone's support. This year we prepared 1000 mysterious Christmas gifts to expre...

Christmas gift,PCBWay

The first Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire in Malaysia

There is no doubt that Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire is the largest MMF in Malaysia. There are over 150 booths and attract a huge number of audience in two days. Definitely it is a huge gathering of many makers from Malaysia, and even from other countries.It’s PCBWay’s honor to be involved in this successful event. As one of the sponsors, we attended Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire in a special form.Look at this decent Key Finder, a beautiful and neat gift for the makers and audience. And Lucky Dr...

maker sponsorship Kuala Lumpur Mini Maker Faire

Guide of 2017 PCBWay’s biggest promotional campaign and how to get $420.

1. Lucky draw 100% winning! Lucky enough,$15+$15=$30.As long as you sign in, you have one chance to play Lucky draw, and if you share the activity, you will have an additional chance. 2.Collect $370 in credit.Everyone can get $10 credit, and share the offer to get more credits. The more your share, the more you earn!Send your referral link to friends or one-click share to social media accounts.Your friend will receive $10 credit + $5 cash coupon after signing in via your referral link. Get one m...

sales guide promotion

2017 Aarhus Maker Faire

PCBWay’s sponsorship program is still ongoing. Today, let's take a look at the only Maker Faire from Denmark, Aarhus Mini Maker Faire. Also as a part of Global Make Faire, Aarhus MMF was founded by Dokk1 in cooperation with the local hackerspace OSAA (Open Space Aarhus) and it’s the 4th maker faire. Of course, as Global Maker Faire continues to grow, this year's Aarhus MMF in Denmark also attracted a large amount of audience and makers. We are so honored to have PCBWAY participate as a s...

PCBWay sponsorship Maker Faire

“Share Your Video Story with PCBWay” to win $500

The video activity page is here are excited to have built 200000 + projects for engineers and enthusiasts since establishment to present, including robots, wearable equipment and so on. At the same time we sponsored the “Open Source Hardware Summit”, SHA2017 and a series of non-profit projects.PCBWay couldn't have developed so fast without everyone's support. Here we express gratitude to all of you. What's more, in order to offer better...

People's Choice Award at the second annual Troy Mini Maker Faire

The second annual Troy Mini Maker Faire was a success with 8,000 attendees. It is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. From engineers to artists to scientists to crafters.Besides,we had so much fun at this year's The Enchanted City IV A Steampunk Fair With Maker Flair in Troy! "We were overwhelmed by the turn out and creativity shown by those who attended the 4th annual The Enchanted City. From the costumes, characters, and...

Sponsorship The Enchanted City Maker Faire

John’s “ Solder Station” at 2017 Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire

John , an open source enthusiast and a NEW father, has been one of PCBWay’s loyal clients since he experienced our service the first time last year. And he still remembers that his first order is a soldering kit for 5th Albuquerque Mini Maker Faire, a small balloon type kit brought the children a lot of wonderful memories.He once said an 8 year old boy begged him to make something harder. Well, this time it's all surface mount. And PCBWay has the honor of sponsoring the PCBs for this year’s ...

Sponsorship Solder Station Maker Faire

2017 -2018 PCBWAY First PCB Design Contest Is Ongoing!!!

We are glad to announce that our first PCB design contest with big prizes is ongoing! Everyone can participate in it as long as you want to show your design talent. It is our first time to hold PCB design and SpainLabs( Well-known Spanish electronic forum) offers generous help to complete this contest. During a long period of preparation, there has been a strong partnership between PCBWAY and SpainLabs, and later, more interesting and meaningful events will be launched by us together.Now, let...

SpainLabs contest PCB design

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