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Amazing DIY Raspberry Pi Projects---Innovation & Implementation S2E5

by: Jan 07,2021 575 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

Firebase AWS loT Commodore 64 Game console Nintendo

Since Raspberry Pi's launch in 2012, it has been sold 30 million worldwide in the eight years. The reason why Raspberry PI gains many fans in the electric area because it aims to make and sell inexpensive, single-board computers that are easy to use and ultimately become tools to boost people’s interest in computer programming.

Let’s enjoy some DIY Raspberry PI projects made by our PCBWayers!

1.Homemade Game Console- "NinTIMdo RP"

Raspberry PI are for instance portable with many different systems. In fact, we are all familiar with the Nintendo brand. Super Smash Bros, Zelda and so on are the games that many of us have grown up with. One of our Community member “TimEE” DIY his own “NinTIMdo RP” based on Raspberry PI.

This project is to create a gaming system that could as well double as a portable computer. Using 3D modeling to make professional looking cases, and interfaces with the 7-inch touch screen on the front to display.

2. Commodore 64 Pi1541

Commodore 64 was central to many a young boys childhood, especially some people older than us! Some of our PCBWayer built their own Commodore-64 with Raspberry PI. 

Tor-Eirik Bakke Lunde built a “Commodore 64 Pi1541”. 

This DIY is a simple solution that allows people to load some software to play games worth remembering. Apart from that, out of consideration for an appearance, He redesigns his product. The overall project's goal is to hide the electronics behind it and make it all come together in a way.

3. Make your Raspberry Pi portable

In this video learnelectronics make the Raspberry Pi portable. With the 5 port USB Hub and power station from 52pi.com.He also check out their new 5" capacative touch screen with NO DRIVERS needed.

4. How to connect raspberry pi to AWS IoT and push data into the DynamoDB

In this video, we will see How to connect to #raspberry_pi to #AWS_IoT and push data into the DynamoDB.

6 Steps are involved in this Tutorial "How to connect to raspberry pi to AWS IoT and push data into the DynamoDB"

1. Creating thing, certificate and attaching a policy to the certificate

2. Installing Required SDKs, and Libraries. such as "AWS IoT Python SDK" & Paho-MQTT library

3. Programming Part - Creating scripts for Publishing, subscribing to a particular thing.

4. Execution of Scripts & Demonstration of Data logging

5. Creating DynamoDB Rule & DynamoDB Table.

6. Execution of Scripts & Demonstration of pushing data into the DynamoDB

5. How I Made My Own Tablet Computer

Base on the innovation of Raspberry PI. “ddelectrotech” in his own youtube channel shows the process of building a small tablet. And all the items needed for the tablet are purchased on Huaqiangbei, which is the world’s greatest electronics market lies on China.

6. IoT using Raspberry Pi and firebase and android

“Ahmed Ibrahim” builds a smart device that allows users to control their home ambient lighting system wirelessly over Wi-Fi using any android smartphone. He uses a custom-built Android application connected with the awesome Raspberry PI board through the Firebase database. And with these deceives, you can control your home light system wirelessly over the Internet from any place in the world.

7. Single Room Home Automation Controller

Another similar project design by “Plasma Dan” has the same function.

Based on Responsive Web GU, you can control the ribbon color you want online through your mobile phone and computer.

8. Face Changing Projection Mask & YouTube Christmas Ornament!

A mask design by “seanhodgins”, this outstanding mask relies on projection, and the projection parts used by its creators are based on raspberry PI. For more he designs a small TV decoration for Christmas as well based on Raspberry PI.

9. 3D printed model of the ISS

ISS Mimic is a 3D-printed, open-source model of the International Space Station that uses live data from the ISS to dynamically match the rotation of the moving joints on the ISS. ISS team’s goal is to provide an interactive and informative project for educators and space enthusiasts all over the world.

10.PiPod - Raspberry pi Zero portable music player

Bram designs a Raspberry PI portable music player and names it Pipod.

 For your unfulfilled project, drop a message to sponsor@pcbway.com. Supporting projects is our permanent persistence!

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