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  2. Zeus LT---A multi-function interface board for the Commodore 64

Zeus LT---A multi-function interface board for the Commodore 64

by: May 25,2020 2990 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

Zeus LT Commodore 64 Crowd Supply Interface Board

Amigastyle, who is a big fan of Commodore 64 computers, designs Zeus LT Board, a multi-function interface board for Commodore 64. Plugging the Zion adapter into the Zeus LT, you could open up a world of more possibilities:

  • Control smart home devices;
  • Design, test, and debug Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions
  • Develop retro games
  • Learn or teach basic electronics and basic programming

Zion is a simple but essential interface between your Commodore 64 and your Zeus LT. It comes in two versions---Zion LT and Zion F. The Zion LT includes the exposed made edge connector for the C64 expansion port, reset button and one 15-pin D-sub connectors for Zeus LT boards.

The Zion F has the same function as the LT. It includes exposed male edge connector for C64 expansion port, reset button, four 15-pin D-sub connectors for Zeus LT boards and female pass-through cartridge slot(for when Zeus LT is not in use).

The Zeus LT adds external I/O support to Commodore 64. It includes a single-15-pin D-sub connector for interfacing with the Zion adapter board, eight inputs for sensors, four outputs controlled by relays, four outputs controlled by TRIACs, four signaling LEDs connected to the relay outputs, a single power-on LED and a beeper attached to the first relay output.

Now these boards are launched on the Crowd Supply with various combinations. Go for supporting him if you are interested in it.

Resource: Crowd Supply

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