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PCBWay TV Show 05 Cool DIY Game Gadgets

by: Sep 10,2020 527 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

commodore 64 retro pie gaming console gameboy digital pet ATtiny85 led game tetris game game gadgets

Now mobile games and e-sports games occupy a large part of the market. But there is always a group of people who like nostalgic consoles and retro games, and it even has become a kind of game culture.Today we’ll introduce various interesting DIY games designed by PCBWayers.Let’s go check them together!

1.DIY Arduino TETRIS Game 

Tetris is a very classic casual game. The secret of the success of this game lies in the simplicity of its operation and the sense of accomplishment in finding order from chaos during the puzzle process.@Hacktuber made a Tetris game with Arduino and 2pcs of 8X9 dot led matrix modules which contain every classic function. And the total cost was just $11.

2.Led Game Gadget

@Hacktuber also made a Led Game Gadget. The four colors of LED lights will flash in sequence as the players press the corresponding buttons. And each color light represents a syllable.

3.Hit the Hamster Speed/Memory Test Game

A DIY replica of an electronic speed test game, manufactured by Coinline in Finland. A similar game is also manufactured by DPS-Promatic in Italy. These games became very popular in Finland in the 90s because they were part of a tv-show competition. The speed test game is still fun and addictive. You must press the buttons as they lit up. The speed gradually increases.

See the project web page with complete information about the project

4.Arduino GOOGLE GAME Control EMG

@Biomakers! made a control sensor muscular to play the class google off-line game Running T-Rex.

5.Pong Game

@educ8s.tv made a classic Pong game by using Arduino. Then we can not only play ping pong or tennis in the gym but also on Gameboy.

6.Button Panel for Contests

@Caty Kanal made a Button panel for contests, which allows up to 6 participants to play together. This game is a try to narrow the distance between people, and I believe Caty made it.

7.Laser Game

@ARDUTRONIC was fascinated in movies like “Star Trek”, “The Terminator”, “Star Wars” or “The Avengers”. The heroes always use laser weapons. Based on fans' affection, he made a Laser game to combat the enemy. Of course not, all he can do is compete with his friend.

8.ATtiny85-hand Held Game Console

@Djamal.Uk made an ATtiny85 which can play games like Pinball, Space Invader, Pacman, Gilbert, and Bomer man.

9.Digital Pet

@Hacktuber made a digital pet using Arduino Nano. It has lots of functions. You can feed it, check its healthy state, let it go to school to become smarter, etc.

10.Gameboy IPS v2 Replacement Screen

@Jan Beta replaced the classic DMG-01 Nintendo Gameboy using new IPS v2 replacement displays.

11.Rebuilding Retro Pie Gaming Console

@Wi-Fi Sheep rebuild a Retro Pie Gaming Console

12.Guide for Commodore 64 Buyer

As a senior retro game fan, and with much knowledge and experience, @Retro Recipes once made a guide video for retro buyers about Commodore 64, which is the single most popular computer system ever sold.

13.Building a C64 Saver

@MindFlareRetro once made a C64 Saver. If you guys are interested in building one by yourself, then this 3 videos — -order parts and pcb/PCB Assembly/Case Assembly can be a detailed enough How2 guide for you.


The engineer C64iSTANBUL who is quite active in our PCBWay community is working in this field. He designed a much challenging game cartridge for COMMODORE 64 in varied themes, like fire ant, AZTEC, international soccer, etc.

Fire Ant

Aztec Challenge



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