Holiday Schedule of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day 2020

Dear all PCBWayers,The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day will be celebrated on October 1st. We are sincerely aware that our hard-working and dedicated employees are the important force to PCBWay’s continuous development and it's the time for them to reunite with their families and enjoy the leisure. Holiday date: October 1st - 4thAccording to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:Production: PCB orders can be placed as usual during...

holiday schedule National Day Mid-Autumn Festival

PCBWay TV Show 06 Creative DIY Electronic Clocks and Watches

Clocks and watches takes an important role in our daily life. It helps us manage the time accurately. With professional electronic knowledge and experience, our PCBWayers have made varied DIY clocks and watches with plenty of functions and display effects.Let’s go check them together with Lesley and Louisa.1. LED Dot Matrix Clock2.Make LED Digital Clock Without Any Microcontroller3.Build LED Seven Segment Display 4.DIY Arduino Clock ESP32 and RGB Matrix5. Clock and Thermometer Integrated Gadget6...

applewatch6 Nixie tube PCB Dial ESP32 Arduino Segment Display LED Digital Clock Matrix Clock

PCBWay TV Show 05 Cool DIY Game Gadgets

Now mobile games and e-sports games occupy a large part of the market. But there is always a group of people who like nostalgic consoles and retro games, and it even has become a kind of game culture.Today we’ll introduce various interesting DIY games designed by PCBWayers.Let’s go check them together!1.DIY Arduino TETRIS Game Tetris is a very classic casual game. The secret of the success of this game lies in the simplicity of its operation and the sense of accomplishment in finding order from ...

commodore 64 retro pie gaming console gameboy digital pet ATtiny85 led game tetris game game gadgets

PCBWay Q&A-002 | Common Questions for PCB Ordering

Hello PCBWayers, this Q&A 002 is about the common questions about PCB order-placing. And we invited Bella, one of our senior Service Representatives, to answer those questions. Bella has been worked at PCBWay for more than 4 years now, and her professionalism in work always makes people feel very reliable. Let's go check it!Q1: Which kinds of files are supported for PCB fabrication on PCBWay ?Bella:Currently we could check Gerber file, .pcbdoc, .pcb file. Just in case that you only have Eagl...

leave feedback repeat order combine-shipping quick-order order-placing,pcb files PCB

PCBWay TV Show 04- PCB Can be ART!

PCB art design is the practice of putting high-quality visual designs and patterns on a circuit board. PCB Art has many forms. These can be simple things like text and logos of a company, or more advanced patterns like pictures and vector graphics. Today we’ll introduce some more beautiful PCBWayer’s PCB Artworks for you. Let’s go check them.1.Brainy“Brainy is a beautiful PCB pin badge, it is shaped like a brain and it has a funny face with a band-aid. Wear it and shine everywhere!It has 8 charl...

PCB Painting LED Pikachu Badge Badge Art PCB PCBWay

PCBWay TV Show 03- Let's Make ROBOTS!

The emergence of the word robot and the advent of the world’s first industrial robot are both recent decades. However, people’s fantasy and pursuit of robots has a history of more than 3,000 years. Nowadays, robots helped humans in many ways, do repetitive work on the production line, dive into the deep ocean or travel at the outer space to conduct research task or even in charge on the battlefield. While in the eyes of the makers, what purpose does the robot have? How did they make a unique ro...

Mars Rover Swarm Robot Flex Sensor Robot Stegosaurus Robot Arm Robot Drawing Robot Dancing Robot Otto DIY BB-8 OTTO DIY Robot

PCBWay Q&A-001 | Get to Know More about PCBWay Services

In this series of articles, we will answer the questions that are frequently asked by our clients. And this Q&A 001 is mainly about our full-featured PCB relative services. You can also enjoy our video version below. We invite Daphne, customer service manager who has worked at PCBWay for over 6 years to answer the following questions.Q1: Could you pls give a brief introduction about the services that PCBWay are offering ?Daphne: Sure. As we can see from our website, currently we are not only...

Gerber Viewer Gift shop PCB Design Service PCB Assembly Service PCB Prototype PCBWay

What is Flex PCB? — An Overview of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB

The most common and used type of Printed Circuit Boards is the rigid type, but the flex one is another type that you may think of using it after getting yourself familiar with, especially that it is now more available than before as more manufacturers are providing this type.In this article we will see what flex PCB is, where flex PCB can be used, why it is more costly, and finally how to order a flex PCB from a manufacturer like PCBway.For the first impression, readers may think that PCBs may c...

calculator Flex PCB Design use cases manufacturing FCB PCBWay Rigid-Flex PCB Flex PCB

Reducing Time to Market for New Hardware Products with PCBway

The path to bring a new hardware product to market is filled with a lot of challenges that large corporates are usually able to march past using qualities like experience, relationship, money, and people's expertise, which are usually non-existent in the arsenal of startups and individuals. More often than once, we've seen these challenges bury several good ideas/products in the valley of development, and for those who manage to get them over the production finish line, they are usually behind s...

PCBWay pcb manufacturing DFM prototyping engineering design hardware

From the idea to the manufactured product – A complete guide

Most of you, if you are a hobbyist or an electronics engineer, might have already thinked about designing and selling your own idea. But the way from the idea to the finished and even manufactured product is not easy in every case. So, in the following text, I am going to give you a short overview and tell you my experiences while turning my own ideas (AZEnvy, VU-Meter) into reality. First of all, while having the perfect idea, it’s important to firstly make sure that the components you need ful...

PCBWay manufacturer components pcb sell design guide manufactured product

Meet The Winners of PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest

Hi PCBWayers,Here we are announcing the winners of PCBWay 3rd PCB Design Contest. After more than half a year, we finally see this exciting moment. Thank you, all the participants for their active participation, we have seen many excellent PCB designs and advanced ideas this year. Thank you, all the judges for their participation, so that our contest can be completed with fair and professional scoring. Your participation is our PCBWay’s great honor. The Best Designs1st Prize: Axiom: 100kW motor ...

judge 3rd PCB Design Contest winner announcement shared projects startup PCBWay PCB Design

Maker makes the world a better place - Fight against COVID19

When the COVID19 crisis began in Spain and with the lockdown, the first moves of makers began to emerge with a desire to help. was born. Many Telegram groups were created to discuss and organize in a natural way. Currently, is also in other countries ( and you can join as well.The working groups are coordinated in Telegram at a geographical level, and can be subdivided into smaller and more effective groups. O...

covid19 face shield 3D printer coronavirusmakers shared projects startup PCBWay PCB Design

Delivery Service Update due to COVID19 Outbreak

In accordance with the local customs policy of India, all shipping couriers suspend picking up packages sent to India. We will monitor the situation closely and keep you updated with the newest info. Thank you.Note: The shipping method and time for EVERY country must subject to the data in the ordering system. We will update any important news here.(Updated on June 30th)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Delivery Service FedEX DHL COVID19

Global Collaboration for Combating COVID-19 : Free Masks for PCBWayers!

Love without borders conquers all fear! — Yan, CEO of PCBWayOne World One Fight!These days, COVID19 ravages all of the world, and every country has suffered heavy losses. We must know to win this inevitable battle every one of us should stand together and hold hands tightly. Love will conquer all fears!After more than a month, with the efforts of people across the country, the development of the epidemic ...

COVID-19 Mask Giveaway Ordinary Disposable Masks StandWithPCBWayers Free Masks Combating COVID-19

Real-time updates of production during the epidemic

Dear PCBWayer,Our factory has resumed production as planned since February 10,2020. In response to the national policy, and at the same time to ensure the health and safety of all employees, we will conduct safety isolation and observation for some employees for 14 days. Production capacity (Updated on March 11,2020)Orders for PCB, SMT and Stencil with all parameter's options are acceptable. Production is currently proceeding at the fastest speed, and lead time has also been significantly reduce...

2019nCoV update epidemic, pcbway

PCBWay's factories have started production (Updated on Feb 10,2020)

Dear PCBWayers,With the efforts of the government and all society, the epidemic has been greatly controlled. Our factory also has resumed production as planned today, February 10,2020.At present, the epidemic situation has not been completely over. In response to the national policy, and at the same time to ensure the health and safety of all employees, we will conduct safety isolation and observation for some employees for 14 days, so about 1/3 to 1/2 of factory employees have not fully on duty...

pcb production workers factory pcbway back to work

We Are Growing!!! 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019

Dear PCBWayers,Happy New Year. It is a great honour to have you in our community and PCBWay is moving forward with new goals. Looking back at 2019, "Growing" has been running through this extraordinary year. The following is 15 highlights of PCBWay’s Amazing 2019.1. こんにちは、ついにオンラインになりました。 is online that is great news for PCBWayers in Japan. 2. Pro service , Advanced PCB comes out. High-end PCB Manufacturer with multilayer, HDI, Rogers, High Tg FR4, IPC2 and IPC3. Learn more>>3. PCB...

factory contest PCBWayer highlights happy new year PCBWay PCBWay2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! More than 10K PCBWay Christmas Badges 2019 are given away

Now the festive atmosphere of Christmas is everywhere. I think you are all doing a lot to prepare for this important festival in December. As your loyal partner, PCBWay has also been preparing for Christmas events, and I hope to celebrate the festival with PCBWayers around the world.This year's Christmas gifts are 3 Christmas badges, in the shape of ball, star and reno (Special thanks Jorge @akirasan for such amazing designs). They can be perfectly used to decorate the Christmas tree. We have pr...

coupon badge Christmas pcb pcb prototype free Christmas

Free Prototype for Christmas PCB at PCBWay

Dear PCBWayers,No one should forget that Christmas and New Year are special days for everyone. It is important at this time to recognize all the support made by PCBWayers from all over the world. Thanks to your considerations and evaluations, we are getting better in our industry and we will continue offering always the best service.PCBWay's yearly promotion, Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival 2019 is LIVE (End at Dec 31, 2019). GO!!!1. Use coupon code: CHRISTMAS10 (500pcs of limit) to get $10 d...

Christmas pcb share and sell pcb prototype free Christmas

How does Arduino detonate the world of open-source hardware makers?

In addition to having a strong hands-on ability and a passionate heart, Maker also has a must-have skill – “Arduino Board”. From grotesque hardware gadgets to tens of millions of dollars in commercial products Pebble smartwatches and Makerbot 3D printers start with such an inconspicuous Arduino board. "Fifty years ago, people who wrote the software needed to wear a white apron to know everything about semiconductors. Now? Even my mother can program." Massimo Banzi, one of the founders of Arduino...

Hardware Open Source Arduino

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