Meet PCBWay At HKTDC 2019 Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition)

Hello PCBWayers,We will exhibit at HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) on 13-16 October 2019. The chance that we talk to you face to face and give our most sincere greetings. In addition to the product display, we also prepare a lot of mysterious gifts, which will definitely make your visit much more enjoyable.Main Exhibits:Various rigid PCB (single boards/double boards/multi-layer boards/HDI/ Rogers/High-Tg FR4)Aluminum PCBFlexible PCBRigid-flex PCBPCB AssemblySMD StencilPCB Onlin...

pcb exhibition electronics fair hong kong hktdc2019 PCBWay

Hack Summer With Your Kids to Win Arduino

Hello PCBWayers,Summer is coming with its blazing sun and leisurely holiday. How do you spend the summer holiday with your kids? Go to the beach? Have fun at Disneyland? Or just stay at home to take a break?Here, we prepare an interesting activity: Hack Summer With Your KidsFirst, get soldering kitsSome kits, like Flashlight and ArduinoFlake are in the PCBWayer Bazaar, you can get them just by adding them into your order package. Or you can design a kit on your own. No idea what to design? We ha...

summer holiday STEAM solder kit

Manila Mini Maker Faire : Glimpse the future and get inspired!

Manila Mini Maker Faire had been held on the Mind Museum last June. It was a great gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. And we are so proud to be their sponsor again. At here, we could meet awesome engineers, artists, scientists and crafters as well as their interesting and inspiring projects. While watching various projects at the exhibition, we can also go to workshops to experience amusing and enjoyable projects by ourselves. Like ...

STEAM Sponsor Maker Faire

10 Brilliant Soldering Kits for STEAM Education You Can't Miss

Hi PCBWayers, summer holiday is coming. I have been chosen 10 cute badges from Shared Projects. There are all attractive for children. Hope soldering these badges can bring you happy and meaningful parent-child time~ Also, mastering certain soldering kit skill will help teenagers learn electronic technology better and enhance their hands-on skills. It’s an important part of STEAM education.Let’s get to see them!1. Flashlight " I can Solder " STEAM“Gold Award of the I CAN SOLDER KIT...

STEAM badge I CAN Solder Kit

PCB Gold Finger Design and Processing-production

What is the Gold Finger?Gold finger is the connector at the edge of boards. It is similar to fingers, so we called gold finger, please see the following pictures. It is used to protect the printed circuit board prototypes from wear and tear.The surface treatment of the gold finger PCBElectroplated nickel gold: Thickness up to 3-50u", due to its superior conductivity, oxidation resistance and wear resistance, it is widely used in gold finger PCB that require frequent plugging or PCB board th...

PCB Gold Finger

Winners List of I CAN SOLDER KIT 2019

Dear All PCBWayers,“I CAN SOLDER KIT 2019” came to an end. During this three months, we have received more than 100 entries.Thank you very much for your participation and show your excellent works for the world!GOLD AWARD: Flashlight " I can Solder " STEAMAward: $500 In Cash + 5,000 Beans + M5Stack Faces Pocket Computer Judge’s Comments:SILVER AWARD: Blink Coin cell toys collection - 11 boardsAward: $200 In Cash + 2,000 Beans + M5Stack M5FIREJudge’s Comments:BRONZE AWARD: CHALLENGER I...


HSBC bank account was cancelled already

Dear friend,We PCBWay are really sorry to inform you that our original HSBC bank account (HK WEIKU TECHNOLOGY COMPANY LIMITED) was cancelled already. Since our original HSBC account has received bank transfer from high-risk countries, it was now cancelled and not available to receive payment any more. We did update to the new bank accounts. If you want to pay by bank, please use the updated bank account information on the PCBWay website or inquire your sales person on details. Really...

Bank account

5 Years of PCBWay : Always Do Our Best

Dear All PCBWayers,Today I am so proud to announce that PCBWay has its 5 years celebration. Sincerely thank you for your support and trust. I still remember the day and the faces of my young team with great optimism and passion when PCBWay officially opened for business 5 years ago. Just in tiny places but with big dreams. And now we have almost 500+ employees who served for 250,000+ customers from 170+ countries. During these 5 years, both our production capacity of factory and our online web...

anniversary pcbway5 pcbway

Celebrating 5 Years Anniversary!

This June, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary. We are very appreciate you accompany us along the way. In return, we have prepared plenty of gifts for PCBWayers. Let me show you~1. Free Coupons Giveaway Each PCBWay user ID can collect all coupons everyday, each coupon can be only used once a time.It applies to all items ( excluding shipping) and valid for 30 days.How to use? Click “Apply PCBWay Coupon”. Before confirming the payment, choose a coupon and the discount will be automatically appli...

Free Gift For Ordering Stencil: Solder Paste Spreader of 12 Chinese Zodiac

Dear PCBWayer,We have prepared thousands of Solder Paste Spreaders in an image of 12 Chinese Zodiac. Now, you will receive the card together with your Stencil order package. Promotion: Order PCB Stencil from $10. 2019 is the year of Pig. During the period of the clan commune, the pig is the sign of wealth. Pigs can be lazy at times. On the bright side, they are sincere, kind and tolerant. They are often very devoted to their work and family life. You may see the order of these 12 Zodiacs and w...

12 Chinese Zodiac stencil free gift

An Unforgettable Educational Visit Led by Dr. John Roeloffs

April 25th, John Roeloffs, a professor from Rotterdam University of Applied Science took his students to visit our Kengzi PCB factory, PCB Assembly factory and Shajing PCB factory. We are very glad to have our friends visit our factories. After a brief introduction about our company and a simple conversation in the conference room, we set off for visiting factories immediately. The factories are all located in Shenzhen and each factory has different production process. Kengzi PCB factory consist...

Factory Visit Production Process

KiCon 2019, Great Event You Won't Miss Again

The first KiCon 2019 was held on the April 26th and 27th in Chicago IL, USA. It is a conference for people who use and love kicad. As PCBWay knew KiCon, we are highly concerned of it. So we sponsor KiCon to deliver our support.The conference lasted for two days, and there are some engineers and makers to share their stories about tools, methods, and successes using KiCad in manufacturing, research and business. This conference brought together the power users of the tool to talk about how they u...

Open Source Software KiCad KiCon2019

Holiday Schedule of May Day 2019

Dear All customers,May Day ( International Workers' Day) is coming. According to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:May 1st (Wednesday), all employees are going to have a day off, factory’s production will have a rest for 1 day. May 2nd (Thursday), Fedex is rest.Regards,PCBWay Team

Holiday schedule May Day 2019

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Nijiworks

Get your dream product designed and produced. Established by two young entrepreneurs, Nijiworks has accomplished hundreds of 3D design and manufacturing, and has been giving service worldwide with its growing team. We want to take part in your team for you to benefit from workforce in Turkey.We give designing and manufacturing service for many countries including Germany, Spain, Canada and notably the USA.Customer satisfaction has always been our priority since we went into action. By means of o...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Xentronics

Xentronics is an electronic design & manufacturing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. With a small team of high-skilled hardware and firmware design engineers, we manage to offer clients a "one-stop-shop" for their electronic design solution, by offering full product life cycle support - from early conception, to prototyping and risk mitigation, to compliance testing and production, to end-of-life replacement and upgrading - we offer services for the entire process.Rather t...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Holiday Schedule of Ching Ming Festival

Dear All customers,Ching Ming Festival (One important Chinese traditional festival,wiki) is coming. According to the actual production conditions of our factory, the holiday arrangement is now notified as follows:April 5(Friday), all employees are going to have a day off, so that the delivery date will be postponed for 1-2 days.April 6(Saturday) and 7(Sunday), factory and delivery department work normally.Regards,PCBWay Team


Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Amarula Electronics

We have the necessary skills and expertise to take either new product ideas or existing products already in the field and provide full design for manufacture and compliance. Our Engineers are skilled in High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB design, and can handle multi-layer PCB stackup techniques.The following are key areas that Amarula Electronics can provide assistance:Analog and Digital Circuit Design and SimulationPCB Design (Multi-Layer, HDI, blind and buried vias, controlled impedance) (Des...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Algarhard

I'm Vitor Aquino and I founded Algarhard, we do hardware projects for 20 years. We create proprietary interfaces and give all the necessary support for the development of firmware. In addition to creating root projects we also run layouts of PCBs always taking into account the final price and also the support. At the moment we are opening our assembly line so that we can realize the hardware projects faster. We have close collaboration with the largest distributors of components, which will ...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Get gerber file parameters function now online

Eventually, PCBWay has launched the wildly-anticipated function---Get gerber file parameters automatic. Please click here to check it on Quick-turn order page.IntroductionAre you annoyed or troublesome with filling in the board size, hole and track/spacing before uploading your Gerber files? Do you want to submit the file at first and get the parameters automatically? Now, PCBWay offers all PCBWayers a ‘Gospel’ – DFM beta! We take our customers feedback on board and with five-month engineering, ...

quick turn pcb and stand pcb Gerfile file parameters

Forge Ahead with Determination, Cooperation for All-Win! --- PCBWay Annual Celebration 2019

Click here to see the video of PCBWay Annual Celebration 2019Introduction:Generally speaking, at this time of year in China, most companies are preparing for the annual celebration. Speaking of the annual celebration, I think the most anticipated is the annual celebration programs, annual activities and annual bonus, right? Our PCBWay is also well prepared! You must be curious about our annual celebration, aren't you? Let me introduce you!Time of Annual Celebration:Jan 19th – Jan 21st Sch...

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