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Meet The Winners of 5th PCB Design Contest

by: Feb 13,2023 9562 Views 1 Comments Posted in News

We are thrilled to have received an overwhelming response for the 5th PCB Design Contest held in September 2022, with over 350 entries surpassing our expectations. This is the highest number of submissions in the contest's history, and we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their support.

We would also like to express our deep appreciation to the judges who dedicated their time and effort to carefully evaluate each project. The competition was fierce, with numerous outstanding submissions, making the selection of the winning entries a challenging task for the jury. After much deliberation, the winners have finally been chosen based on a thorough evaluation of the projects' quality and content.

1.The First Prize($1500 Cash+$200 Coupon+Raspberry Pi 4G *1)--1 Winner

An introduction to quadruped robot models---MiguelAsd

2.The Second Prize($1000 Cash+$100 Coupon+Raspberry Pi 3 B+ *1)--2 Winners


IoT AI-driven Smart Grocery Cart w/ Edge Impulse---Kutluhan Aktar

3.The Third Prize($500 Cash+$50 Coupon+Arduino Uno Rev3 *1)--3*Winners

LaserProjector V2 | StanleyProjects.com---StanleyProjects


Green Detect - Wireless Sensor Network Platform---Sergio Ghirardelli

4.Popular Prize($100 Cash+$20 Coupon+Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1)--10 winners

DIY Solar Bottle Lamp V2.0---Green Energy

Open-Watch: An open-source handmade smartwatch---Motlaq

Turning a 1980s typewriter into a Linux terminal---Artillect

Agon Light---Kastrup

LittleSixteen V3 - Improved Commodore 16 Mainboard---SukkoPera

Picoclick C3 - most advanced IOT-Button---makermoekoe

Universal touch computer---Misenko

Neotron Pico---Pallant

Open Concentrator Photovoltaics CPV Solar Tracker Controller Board---Loeckenhoff

A robomaster-base robot---Antonio G.

Thanks to all the participants,Your products are very good.

Congratulations to winners and we will contact you soon about the award

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