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Introduction with Overton Instruments

by: Mar 29,2024 2469 Views 0 Comments Posted in News

As a long-term partner of PCBWay, Overton Instruments (OI) is owned & managed by Overton Claborne Sr., a professional Test Engineer with over 30 years of experience designing and building custom test equipment, and is based in the USA (northern California region), and most importantly, against with the high-cost and needless complexity.

In 2010, Overton started Overton Instruments to market a unique line of low-cost instrument modules called Embedded Test Solutions (or the ETS Series). Like the name implies, the ETS Series’ products are designed for “embedded” operation which means the modules are directly installed inside a Mechanical Test Fixture, you can build custom desktop test equipment, or support larger ATE test systems. 

The ETS Series’ product line is a standard collection of hardware test support functions which include Analog & Digital I/O Modules, Relay Switching Solutions, Data COM Modules, Smart DUT Power Solutions and Special Function Modules. With the ETS Series the application possibilities are enormous, use it to support Engineering/DVT, R&D, QA/QC Stress Screening, NPI & Manufacturing, Depot Repair, Burn-In, Incoming Acceptance, Functional Test and much more.

Currently the list of ETS Series’products include 30+ instrument modules, and the list is growing by the month. The product categories include:

  • Analog Conversion
  • Digital Input/Output
  • Relay Switching Solutions
  • Signal Generation & Measurement
  • Data Communications
  • Special Function
  • Embedded Test Controllers
  • System Solutions

After years of development, Overton Instruments has made great improvements in their business, and we believe they will be an excellent partner for anyone.

For more info about Overton Instruments and the ETS Series, please check here. Also, if you are interested in receiving more product literature go to the OI-Drive.


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