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Free Upgrade on PCBWay Ink

by: Aug 08,2023 1646 Views 0 Comments Posted in News


PCBWay has always been committed to providing better services to customers. Two years ago, we offered a free upgrade for PCB substrates, which received widespread acclaim. Currently, the default substrate is Tg150-160. Our substrate quality is the best in the same price range.

Now, we have another piece of great news to share. In August, we upgraded our ink (only for the color green). And most importantly: it's free!

PCB ink is designed for specific PCB manufacturing processes and requirements. Different types of PCB inks may have distinct characteristics such as conductivity, durability, and corrosion resistance to accommodate various application scenarios. Inks are primarily categorized into circuit ink, soldermask ink, and legend ink.

  1. Circuit ink is used as a protective layer to prevent circuit corrosion, and it's typically a liquid-photosensitive material that shields the circuit during etching. There are two types: acid-resistant and alkali-resistant, with the latter being more expensive. After this layer of ink corrodes the circuit, it must be dissolved with an alkaline solution.
  2. Soldermask ink is used to protect the circuit after its completion. Liquid-photosensitive, heat-resistant, and UV-curable solder pads are pre-reserved on the board for component soldering, providing insulation and oxidation resistance.
  3. Legend ink is used to label the surface of the board, with component symbols typically being represented in white.

This time, PCBWay has upgraded the ink model to TAIYO CE887 HFA Halogen-free Photosensitive Solder Mask Ink, which offers better performance compared to before:

  1. More Reliable: Utilizes improved epoxy resin and exhibits enhanced insulation performance and better resistance to high and low temperatures as well as chemical corrosion.
  2. Improved Electrical Performance: Possesses a lower dielectric constant, ensuring signal stability and integrity.
  3. Broader Applicability: Meets the requirements of lead-free soldering, electroless gold, immersion gold, immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP, and the majority of surface treatment processes.

Welcome to place orders and try out the new experience!

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