Amazing DIY Raspberry Pi Projects---Innovation & Implementation S2E5

Since Raspberry Pi's launch in 2012, it has been sold 30 million worldwide in the eight years. The reason why Raspberry PI gains many fans in the electric area because it aims to make and sell inexpensive, single-board computers that are easy to use and ultimately become tools to boost people’s interest in computer programming.Let’s enjoy some DIY Raspberry PI projects made by our PCBWayers!1.Homemade Game Console- "NinTIMdo RP"Raspberry PI are for instance portable with many different systems. ...

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1 Nikola Krneta 14
2 PCBWay Support 9
3 Pete Dudash 3
4 Scott Lee Card 2
5 SYMO 2
6 Engineer 2
7 VinmaMat 1
8 Neil Swiff 1
9 Frank Watt 1
10 Bob Meizlik 1
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