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Amazing Speakers & Amplifiers Projects --- Innovation & Implementation S2E7

by: Jan 22,2021 2066 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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Sometimes music can touch the soundtrack of our lives and inspire us a lot. Today let's continue our discussion on Music and talk about some amazing Amplifiers and Speakers projects that bring the beautiful sound to our ears!


1.Mini Portable Speaker

Mini Portable Speaker made by Joshua Donald. It’s a boombox speaker that can play loud music with great quality. In order to reduce the cost and be more environmentally

2. Harry Potter Bluetooth Speaker

ATomIng built a project called Harry Potter bluetooth speaker - a 3D printed Bluetooth speaker with deathly hallow design. This project was a Christmas present for his girlfriend, who loves Harry Potter. He also gave a detailed tutorial on how to make it, so everyone can try to build it.

3. Smart Speaker Google + Alexa - Under $30

DD ElectroTech shows us his way to build a smart speaker under $30. It combines Google and Alexa, so you can directly interact with it and let it play music for you without any controller. In addition, compared with Google home or amazon echo, this speaker has a built-in battery, so you can take it anywhere.

4. Homemade DIY MINI Xbass Bluetooth Speaker for smartphone

Hacktuber made a DIY MINI Xbass Bluetooth Speaker for smartphone. Its biggest feature is that it is small enough and easy to carry.

5. 1000W Super OCL 504 (SOCL 504) 2.1 Channel Speakers High Power Amplifier

This is an amplifier built by "Wahyu Eko Romadhon”. As we can see, he paid much effort to build this project. He built the PCB layout, designed the preamplifier and power amplifier of the project, and finds a proper transformer for them.

6. DIY Hybrid Tone Control 

This "DIY Hybrid Tone Control" built by "Barlex respectaizer" also surprised me a lot, you can control volume、bass、tre He uses a 2N2222 transistor for the bass setting. A 2N5551 transistor for the treble set. Op-amp DIP-8 as the final amplification.ble with an amplifier, then you can get better quality music through it.  

7. 2.0 Stereo 15W+15W Audio Amplifier

Easy HomeMade Projects shows us a "Stereo 15W+15W Audio Amplifier" using ICT DA 2030, use 12volt or 24 volts DC adopter here to drive the whole circuit.

8. 100 Watts Stereo Amplifier

This “100 Watts Stereo Amplifier” by “Electro India” is worth trying for someone who wants to make an easier amplifier. The main feature of this project is only using two IC TDA2030 and 4 transistors to drive the whole system. You can find the Gerber file link down below to produce the PCBs directly via PCBWay.  

9. DIY Interactive Animated Pumpkins

DIY Interactive Animated Pumpkins built by DIY Machines. These three singing squashes are driven by a RaspberryPi and low-cost projector. Your guests pick either a song, scare or haunting tale using the 3D printed control panel and its illuminated arcade buttons.

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