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  2. A camera can produce 3D depth data --- Onion Tau LiDAR Camera

A camera can produce 3D depth data --- Onion Tau LiDAR Camera

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3D depth data Onion Tau LiDAR Camera CrowdSupply

What is the difference between Tau and a regular webcam?

The Tau camera includes depth measurements, it means that it can produce 3D depth data instead of color frames. 

What is Onion Tau LiDAR Camera?

  • With the 0.1- 4.5 m range for depth sensing, the Tau Camera can output 160 x 60 pixels of depth data in real-time as well as a greyscale image of the scene;
  • Frames from the Tau camera can be achieved in ways like 2D depth maps, 3D point clouds, regular 2D images, array or matrix objects in programs etc;
  • Through Tau Studio Web App or the Python API, you can interact with the data coming from the Tau camera;
  • Not affected by the light level and the motion state of the object, the Tau LiDAR Camera can show you a real world with accurate distance measurements;
  • It can be paired with other types of hardware to create new projects. And because of its four mounting holes on its own, it can be incorporated into other projects.


  • Depth technology: LiDAR Time of Flight
  • Depth stream output resolution: 160 x 60
  • Depth stream output frame rate: 30 fps
  • Minimum depth distance: 0.1 meters
  • Maximum range: 4.5 meters
  • Depth field of view (FOV): 81° x 30°
  • Connector: USB Type-C
  • Dimensions: 90 x 41 x 20 mm
  • Mount: 4x M3 mounting holes

Onion Tau LiDAR Camera is designed by Onion, it is currently in the crowdfunding stage in CrowdSupply. If you are attracted by this easy-to-use LiDAR camera, give your support!

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