PCBWay Upgrades PCB Material to ShengYi Material

PCBWay sincerely appreciates the trust and support from our customers over the years. Your satisfaction and support drive us forward continuously. To further improve product quality and meet the marke...

PCB Materials 2 layers Multi-Layers Shengyi S1000H S1000-2M KB6165F KB6167F

Basic Things For Generating High-Speed Printed Circuit Board

As the world is upgrading at a very fast rate, every field is producing a faster product which is the reason for embedded software development. Speed is inversely proportional to the size in terms of ...

PCB Substrate PCB Manufacturing Impedance Control PCB Materials Manufacture capability

Some PCB boards price will be raised from June 2021

Dear customer:Hi, thanks for your support and trust in our company all the time!Due to the continuous interference of the COVID-19 epidemic, a great dearth of shipping containers, limited source suppl...

PCB boards PCB materials PCB Price


PCB Materials Manufacture capability how to do a PCB

Things to Learn Before You Learn PCB Designing

Overview:This post is primarily made for absolute beginners who are interested in PCB designing. In this post we will NOT learn about PCB designing but some important knowledge to be learned about PCB...

PCB Substrate PCB Materials PCB Manufacturing PCB knowledge

N4000-13-13-SI High-Speed Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate & Prepreg PCB Materials

N4000-13 / 13 SIHigh-Speed Multifunctional Epoxy Laminate & PrepregLaminate Part Number: N4103-13Prepreg Part Number: N4203-13The Nelco N4000-13 / 13 SI series is an enhanced epoxy resin system en...

PCB Materials PCB Base materials Rigid material base materials AGC Internationally known

S1000H Shengyi Lead Free Compatible FR-4.0, FR-15.0 Rigid PCB Materials

S1000HCharacteristic● Lead-free compatible FR-4.0● Excellent thermalreliability● LowZ-axis CTE● Good Anti-CAF performance and IST● Low water absorptionApplication Area● Computer and NB● Instruments● C...

S1000H PCB Materials PCB Base materials Rigid material base materials Shengyi Tg150

S1141 Shengyi Conventional FR-4 Rigid PCB Materials

Characteristic Tg140℃(DSC)●UV Blocking/AOI compatible● Excellent mechanical processabilityApplication Area● Computer,instrumentation,  VCR, communication equipment, electronic game...

S1141 PCB Materials PCB Base materials Rigid material base materials Shengyi Internationally known

Rogers' PCB Materials Hits Record Q1 Sales of $58.5M

Rogers Corporation has announced financial results for the first quarter of 2014, reporting net sales of $146.6 million, a record first quarter, and net income from continuing operations of $0.79 per ...

PCB Materials printed circuit board

Rogers Demos PCB Materials at DMEDS

Rogers Corporation will be showing samples of the company’s wide range of industry-leading PCB materials at the Del Mar Electronics & Design Show (DMEDS), April 30-May 1, 2014, at the Del Mar Fair...

PCB Materials printed circuit board

The Engineer’s Guide To PCB Design

Eventually, almost every EE must design a PCB, which isn’t something that’s taught in school. Yet engineers, technicians, and even novice PCB designers can create high-quality PCBs for any and every p...

PCB Design printed-circuit boards PCB materials

Selecting PCB materials

A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-cond...

PCB materials printed-circuit board PCB fabrication

Trends in PCB Materials

The rapid changes that have been occurring (and will continue to occur) in electronics systems are driving changes all the way throughout the supply chain for electronics components. This article will...

PCB Materials printed circuit board

PCB Five Trends in Technology

A century, mankind has entered a highly information-oriented society, in the PCB in the information industry is a major pillar of the indispensable. Electronic equipment requirements of high-perform...

PCB flexible PCB PCB materials PCB broad

PCB Materials

printed circuit boards are the backbone of electronic products. They are used to support and connect electronic components. The connection is done using electronic traces that are etched from copper s...

PCB Materials Printed circuit boards multi-layer boards

Trends Of PCB Design

THE INCREASING complexity and miniaturisation of electronic devices are the catalyst for the ongoing evolution of PCB design. But how are the suppliers of PCB design and prototyping tools coping with ...

PCB design PCB materials PCB

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