S1141 Shengyi Conventional FR-4 Rigid PCB Materials

Characteristic Tg140℃(DSC)●UV Blocking/AOI compatible● Excellent mechanical processabilityApplication Area● Computer,instrumentation, VCR, communication equipment, electronic game machine, automotive electronics, aviation,and etc.● Not suitable for Anit-CAF application● Not suitable for >2 oz heavy copper, HDI and >/=12L high layer count applicationProduct PerformanceItemsMethodConditionUnitTypical ValueTgIPC-TM-650 2.4.25DSC℃140TdIPC-TM-650 wt. loss℃310CTE (Z-axis)IPC-TM-650 2...

Internationally known Shengyi base materials Rigid material PCB Base materials PCB Materials S1141

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