Introduction of PET

PET is also called Polyesters, or Polyethylene Terephthalate. It has good flexibility that can be bent to fit constricted spaces, so it is ideal material for manufacturing flexible PCBs. Besides, PET ...

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Large Flexible PCB Design With Free Tools

Flexible circuits can offer a number of advantages over rigid PCBs being not only very thin but can include connection systems and cables as one single assembly. They can also be formed into the housi...

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Flexible PCB and Its Manufacturing Process

Introduction:The development and wide application of flexible PCB are due to its remarkable advantages. First of all, its agile structure, tiny volume, light weight, good quality, which are satisfied ...

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Traditional Manufacturing Engineering of Flexible Substrate

Introduction:In recent years, with the rapid development of portable electronic products, flexible substrate to high-density development, flexible circuit board is widely used in IC circuit packaging,...

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Classification and Features of PCB

Classification and Features of PCBPrinted circuit is a conductive pattern attached to the insulating substrate surface to connect electronic components. The finished boards of printed circuit become p...

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Flexible PCB

Flexible circuits (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, flexi-circuits) are members of electronic and int...

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB vs Rigid PCB

Flexible PCB (also variously referred to around the globe as flex circuits, flexible printed circuit boards, flex print, flexi-circuits) are members of electronic and interconnecti...

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Market update on the PCB industry for Q4 2013

2013 was a - by looking at the facts - a rather good year for the global flexible PCB market, which grew by 9.4% YoY and is valued at approximately EUR 8.26 billion.Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) lie at...

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Rigid and flexible PCB design PCB design considerations difference

Most rigid PCB design elements have been applied in the design of a flexible PCB . However, there are some other new elements that require attention . 1 current carrying capacity of the wire Since t...

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Flexible circuit boards for LED ApplicationsOne of the fastest growing markets in the industry is LED PCBs. For the most part, circuit boards for LED applications are single layers of circuitry bonde...

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What is the flexible PCB technology ?

A flexible (Flexible Printed circuit board) is a polyimide or polyester film as a base material having a high reliability , excellent flexible printed circuit . Early flexible PCB is limited to the c...

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The difference between soft and hard process plate

FPC process : A ) a flexible insulating substrate constituting the multilayer PCB, which can be defined as deflection of the finished product : This structure is generally the many -sided or double-s...

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PCB Five Trends in Technology

A century, mankind has entered a highly information-oriented society, in the PCB in the information industry is a major pillar of the indispensable. Electronic equipment requirements of high-perform...

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The latest IPC report predicts that PCB market in 2013 will grow again

Based on IPC - international association for the electronics industry join ® released this week by the north American PCB market research report results predicted that in 2013 north American PCB m...

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Flexible PCB - panel connection

To meet the connection requirements of very thin displays Digital View uses a flexible PCB to go from the flat flexible cable (FFC) with board to wire connector type to its standard panel cables. Thes...

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The top five Known Misunderstandings with Flexible PCB Technology

Underestimating what’s associated in developing a successful start-up program has come to be the primary matter in utilizing Flex prototypes pcb. Production chain teams treat flex like a commodity, pr...

Flexible PCB

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