Use Advanced PCB Technology To Produce 50% Smaller Product Designs

High-density interconnect (HDI) technology allows printed-circuit board (PCB) designers to increase routing density, reduce layer count, and improve the thermal and electrical characteristics of their...

PCB Technology,printed-circuit board (PCB)

The case for rigid-flex PCB technology

When to use flex It’s getting harder to fit everything in the box; it’s also getting more costly. One solution promising to help designers meet the size constraint head on is rigid-flex PCB technology...

PCB technology rigid-flex PCB

HDI (High Density Interconnect PCBs)

HDI PCBs capitalize on the latest technologies available to increase the functionality of PCBs using the same or less amount of area. This advancement in PCB technology is driven by the miniaturizatio...

PCB technology,PCB design

Impact of integrated passive components on PCB technology development

1 Introduction With the development of electronic technology, semiconductor manufacturing process from entering the micron -nanometer process , integration of active electronic components will be sub...

PCB PCB processing PCB technology PCB printed circuit board

Green oil plug hole of PCB technology

A headache PCB industry, customers are often designed VIA hole green oil-sided no windows or any part of the green oil window, or single-sided window for this design how do we deal with it? We first...

PCB PCB industry PCB manufacturers PCB technology

PCB technology trends in the new era

Intensive assembly board wire (WireBond) prevailed , becoming increasingly important gold-plated nickel , nickel bromide pillar will rise , technology and quality difficulty deepened. Yield big row bo...

PCB assembly board PCB technology

What is the flexible PCB technology ?

A flexible (Flexible Printed circuit board) is a polyimide or polyester film as a base material having a high reliability , excellent flexible printed circuit . Early flexible PCB is limited to the c...

PCB flexible PCB printed circuit board PCB technology

RF PCB technology

With the development of communication technology , use of hand-held radio frequency circuit technology more widely , such as: radio pager , mobile phone , a wireless PDA, wherein the RF circuit perfor...

PCB PCB design PCB board PCB technology

The main PCB design process

In PCB design, in fact, before the official wiring, even after a very long step, the following is the main PCB design process: System Specifications First you have to plan out the system specifica...

PCB PCB design PCB design process PCB system PCB technology

High quality PCB technology

This article is part of the wiring diagram on the PCB experience, the paper mainly applies to high-precision analog systems or low frequency (<50MHz) digital systems. 1. Component layout Compon...

PCB PCB experience PCB layout PCB technology PCB diagram

Balanced approach layered PCB design PCB

Advantages balance layered PCB design PCB : low cost, easy to bend, shorten delivery times , quality assurance . PCB designers possible PCB circuit board design will be designed surprisingly few -lay...

PCB PCB design circuit board PCB processing PCB technology PCB production

Common PCB board substrate analysis

The rapid development of electronic information industry, electronic products to small, functional, high performance, high reliability direction. From the mid- 20th century, the general surface mount ...

PCB PCB technology PCB performance PCB board

The PCB board technology would provide great help to one country's smart device industry

China - The development for technology should be always moving forward. Thus, the smart devices and equipments are constantly upgrading during the development of technology. Currently, modern devices ...

PCB board PCB copy board PCB technology PCB fabrication

HDI – High Density Interconnect PCB

HDI is the abbreviation for High Density Interconnector. HDI PCB is defined as a PCB with a higher wiring density per unit area than conventional PCB. They have finer lines and spaces, smaller vias an...

HDI PCB conventional PCB PCB technology Printed Circuit

2013-2017 Printed Circuit Board Market in China Development

PCB, PCB industry, PCB circuit board, PCB technology, PCB market China has become the country that enjoys the largest PCB circuit board output value and the fastest growth speed, and also the main dr...

PCB PCB industry PCB circuit board PCB technology PCB market

China Became The Leader Of Global PCB Industry

Keyword: pcb industry, pcb , pcb board, PCB market, PCB technology China has become the country that enjoys the largest PCB output value and the fastest growth speed, pcb board and also the main dri...

PCB industry pcb pcb board PCB market PCB technology

Sun Chemical to demonstrate new products for printed circuit

Keyword: printed circuit , pcb, PCB circuit board, PCB technology, PCB industry Sun Chemical will show its extensive range of inks for the printed circuit board industry including a new product, at ...

printed circuit PCB PCB circuit board PCB technology PCB industry

Testing proves PCB stator for generators better reliability

Keyword: PCB technology, PCB, PCB circuit board, PCB stator, PCB structure, PCB manufacturing printed circuit boards as generator stators have been used extensively in a variety of applications by CO...

PCB technology PCB PCB circuit board PCB stator PCB structure PCB manufacturing

Taiwan Flexible PCB To Make Huge Profits

Keyword: pcb Technology, pcb, PCB performance, PCB supplier Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding PCB Technology have reported sequential increases of 180% and 75.9%, respectively, in net profits for th...

PCB Technology pcb PCB performance PCB supplier

Huge Role Of Technology In Promoting Economy

Keyword: PCB economy, technology executives PCB, PCB, PCB technology Sixty-eight percent of technology executives PCB believe the global economy is improving, with another 20% indicating the economy ...

PCB economy technology executives PCB PCB PCB technology

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