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Balanced approach layered PCB design PCB

by: Jan 22,2014 772 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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Advantages balance layered PCB design PCB : low cost, easy to bend, shorten delivery times , quality assurance .

PCB designers possible PCB circuit board design will be designed surprisingly few -layer circuit board (PCB). If no additional wiring layer , why use it? Do not allow the board to reduce the layer thinner it? If the board is at least one layer , do not lower the cost of it ? However, in some cases , an additional layer but will reduce costs.

The circuit board has two different structures : a core and cladding structure of the foil structure.

In the core structure , the circuit board in all the conductive layer is applied on the core material ; in the foil cladding structure , only the circuit board internal layer was deposited on the conductive core material , an outer conductive layer deposited foil dielectric plate . All the conductive layer through the dielectric multilayer lamination process using an adhesive together.

Nuclear plant material is deposited on both sides of the foil sheet . Since each core has two faces , full use of the time , PCB conductive layers even. Why not side with the remaining dressing with foil and nuclear structure? The main reason is : the curvature of the cost of PCB and PCB 's .

Even layers of the circuit board cost advantage

Because the media and apply a layer of foil, less the cost of raw materials is slightly lower than the odd PCB board even layer PCB. However, the odd -layer PCB processing costs are significantly higher than the even layer PCB. The same inner processing costs ; but the foil cladding / core structure significantly increases the cost of the outer handle .

Odd- layer PCB technology needs on the basis of an increase in nuclear structure laminated core layer bonding process nonstandard . Compared with nuclear structure , nuclear structure in the outer wrap foil plant added productivity will decline. Before the laminating adhesive , the need for additional external nuclear process, which increases the risk of scratches and the outer layer is etched errors .

PCB balanced structure to avoid bending

Odd- layer PCB design without the best reason is : the odd -layer circuit board easily bent . When the PCB multilayer circuit bonding process after cooling , nuclear structure and different cooling structure when deposited foil laminated PCB bending causes tension . With increasing thickness of the board , with the risk of the composite structures of two different PCB , the greater the bending . The key is to eliminate the use of a curved board balanced stacked . Although a certain degree of bending PCB to specifications , but subsequent processing efficiency will decrease , resulting in increased cost. Because the need for special equipment and technology assembly , component placement accuracy decreases, it will damage the quality.

Use an even layer PCB

When the odd- layer PCB design appears, the following methods can be used to balance stacked reduce PCB production costs and avoid PCB bending . The following methods are arranged according to the preferred level .

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