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What is the flexible PCB technology ?

by: Feb 17,2014 1349 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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A flexible (Flexible Printed circuit board) is a polyimide or polyester film as a base material having a high reliability , excellent flexible printed circuit . Early flexible PCB is limited to the car dashboard and laptop computers and other sophisticated specialized equipment . And now flexible PCB has been applied in the cellular phone , PDA, MP3/MP4 players, portable CD players , home VCD / DVD, mobile phones and cell phones, digital cameras, medical and other space-constrained telecom and consumer electronics products increasingly common.

We can according to your specific requirements tailored for you , but also batch processing. Can you provide a single layer board , double board, plywood , two panels. Because of the flexible board is mainly used for bending the occasion requires , if the design or process is unreasonable , prone to micro-cracks , open welding defects . Therefore, we strictly observe the following procedures to ensure high effectiveness of our services , fast, reduce rework , saving you valuable time.

During single- board , we will first deal with the copper foil etching and other processes to get the circuit need to be drilled protective film to expose the corresponding pad , after cleaning and then rolling method to combine the two . Then the exposed pad part or tin, gold plating protection . Usually also punched into the corresponding shape of a small circuit board. A protective film is also not directly in the solder resist layer is printed on the foil , so that the cost will be lower , but the mechanical strength of the circuit board deteriorates . So, we usually apply the protective film paste method .

When the line is too complex circuits , single board can not require wiring or copper for grounding the shield , the board will need to use double or even plywood .

The most typical is the difference between multilayer and single board structure in order to increase the through-hole link layers of copper foil . The first substrate and the copper foil in the borehole , after cleaning a certain thickness of copper plating , a few holes.

Both sides of the dual panel has pads , and is mainly used to connect to other circuit boards . Although it is similar and single board structure, but the production process varies greatly. Must first press the pad position requires drilling protective film , foil and then paste , etched and then paste pads and lead to better protection film another drill hole .

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