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  2. The latest IPC report predicts that PCB market in 2013 will grow again

The latest IPC report predicts that PCB market in 2013 will grow again

by: Dec 11,2013 1153 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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Based on IPC - international association for the electronics industry join ® released this week by the north American PCB market research report results predicted that in 2013 north American PCB market will restore moderate growth. Report also including market data, rigid PCB and flexible PCB's monthly sales forecast in 2013.

The north American PCB market research report is the first report in the IPC series of monthly report listing, on the basis of the original investigation items added market data. Report, the sales of rigid PCB and orders all fell slightly, while sales of flexible circuit board and the orders are positive performance, and the rigid and flexible plate book-to-bill ratio showed a trend of strengthening. The growth of the sales and order report, respectively in accordance with the product type and size, according to the classification separately according to the military and medical terminal market listed respectively.

Report, an important index of sales - order backlog is lower than average, but the finished goods inventory in average. Sales report also includes the reactions of other important indicators and native American production share of the monthly data.

Next quarter and next year's business confidence index, flexible circuit board manufacturers fairly optimistic about 2013, flexible circuit board market growth.

Appendix includes IPC has for years been report of rigid PCB and flexible PCB sales trend fares and import/export of the latest information on the PCB.

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