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Some PCB boards price will be raised from June 2021

by: Jun 23,2021 2734 Views 3 Comments Posted in News

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Dear customer:

Hi, thanks for your support and trust in our company all the time!

Due to the continuous interference of the COVID-19 epidemic, a great dearth of shipping containers, limited source supply, and many other problems. The price of PCB raw materials has been rising continuously since the end of 2020, even no downward trend. PCBWay insists on not increasing prices for 8 months, although we try our best to control the expenses by strengthening management and upgrading technology, some of our products have the issue of the production cost has exceeded the sales price and can't be balanced.

It is discussed and decided by our company that the price of some PCBs will have a slight adjustment from now on, but the already reviewed PCB price will remain unchanged. The specific adjustment range depends on the product difference and order quantity of each customer.

Under this challenging period, we are grateful for your understandings. Our company will continue to provide high-quality products and services as always. 


PCBWay Team


June 22, 2021

Other news:

1.According to wind data, each ton of electrolytic copper increased from 36648 yuan on September 10, 2016, to 47545 yuan on December 10, 2019. Since the second half of this year, the price of electrolytic copper has gradually exceeded 50000 yuan. By November, the average price of electrolytic copper was 52000 yuan/ton, showing a trend of gradual growth.

The reason is that under the epidemic situation, Chile, the United States, Canada, Zambia, and other major producers are worried about the supply and demand situation of the market, and the production and supply are limited, resulting in the continuous rise of copper prices.

2.Kingboard, the global leader in copper clad laminates (CCL), said in a statement that in view of the continuous rise in prices of copper, resin and acetone, the main raw materials for copper clad laminates, the cost of copper clad laminates has increased.

The price of FR-4(40*48) will be increased by +10 yuan per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) will be increased by +10 yuan per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) will be increased by +10 yuan per sheet; CEM-1/22F(40*48) will be increased by +10 yuan per sheet.

PCB is an important material for electronics: almost all products use PCB board. Kingboard is the world’s largest CCL manufacturer with a market share of 14%-16%. In addition, CCL accounts for 30% of the PCB cost structure and is the highest cost raw material. Industry sources said that after Kingboard adjusted its price, it is expected that PCB manufacturers will start to increase prices for customers in July.

3.Increasing PCB demand and foil shortages are keeping material lead times high and supply shortages continue. Both pre-pregs and Copper Clad Laminates are in short supply. This status is expected to run through Q3 and start to ease in some extent going into Q4. 

What actions are PCBWay taking?

  • We Are Not A Broker,Own 5 factories
  • Monitoring material stock levels weekly
  • Tracking market data and negotiating price increases
  • Increase material inventory
  • Expand the company's production scale to meet the market development needs

If you have questions regarding this, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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