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AI in a Box

by: Oct 13,2023 935 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Crowdfunding Project

All in a Box——A personal AI living in a box. It requires no accounts, setup, or subscriptions. Simply insert the box, and users can initiate conversations, ask questions, and receive responses directly. This device operates offline, so there is no need to worry about your conversations and data being exposed.

Now, let's introduce some functions of All in a box, which can bring great convenience to daily communication:

Real-time Subtitling

Sometimes, we need to add subtitles to live events or want to seek assistance when we can't hear the other person clearly. AI in a Box comes in handy for such situations. Using the latest AI technology, it takes audio input and displays subtitles on the built-in screen, ultimately connecting to an external monitor or screen via the HDMI connector.

Conversational AI

All in a Box allows you to converse with a large language model (LLM) running locally on the device. You can ask it questions, have it tell you the answer to a specific query, have it spin a story, or simply engage in friendly chit-chat - all without the need for any setup or API fees.

Real-time Translation

Select the source and target languages, input the language you want to translate, and instantly receive the translation results. This feature covers multiple major languages.

Air-Gapped Privacy

Thanks to its local environment, the software doesn't share any information outside the device, ensuring the user's privacy is well-protected. Without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections, the only way to access the device is by physically inserting a keyboard or an Ethernet cable, eliminating the possibility of remote attacks. This makes it permissible to handle sensitive conversations or materials.

Voice Keyboard

Connect the provided USB Type-A cable to a compatible device capable of receiving keyboard input, and it will transcribe nearby conversations as keystrokes, as if it were dictating the content. This enables the box to seamlessly integrate into a broader system, such as connecting to a Raspberry Pi that receives the transcription and controls a robot or sculpture based on the content.

Features and Specifications

  • RockChip 3588S SoC with NPU
  • 8 GB DRAM
  • Built-in display, speakers, and microphone
  • Custom enclosure
  • Ubuntu 22.04 OS

This project is now crowdfundinging on CrowdSupply, go and support it if you are interested:)

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