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Reasons to Choose SYTECH-S1000H

by: Dec 12,2023 1360 Views 2 Comments Posted in PCB Manufacturing Information

PCB Material TG150 FR4 S1000H

Choosing the appropriate base material is crucial for the performance and reliability of electronic products. Among the numerous options available, the SYTECH S1000H TG150 board is gaining more and more popularity among PCBWay customers due to its outstanding performance.

Compared to numerous other base materials, SYTECH S1000H TG150 possesses the following advantages:

• High Tg Value: Tg is above 150℃.

• Anti-CAF capability: S1000H exhibits excellent resistance to CAF (Conductive Anodic Filament) formation. It can prevents the formation of conductive paths within the PCB, thereby reducing the risk of electrical short circuits. This contributes to ensuring the stability and reliability of electronic devices.

• Low Z-CTE: The S1000H is typically renowned for its low Z-CTE. The thermal expansion coefficient describes the extent to which a material's dimensions change in different directions when subjected to temperature variations, with the Z-axis representing the material's thickness direction. S1000H, due to its low Z-axis thermal expansion coefficient, maintains relatively stable dimensions even in high-temperature conditions. In comparison to materials with high thermal expansion coefficients, the use of S1000H in environments with significant temperature fluctuations helps reduce issues such as PCB bending, warping, or other deformations, thereby enhancing performance and reliability.

• Outstanding Thermal Stability: S1000H utilizes high-performance glass fiber-reinforced materials, demonstrating excellent thermal stability. In high-temperature environments, it maintains a low coefficient of thermal expansion, reducing the risk of PCB deformation and solder joint fractures caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

• Excellent Electrical Performance: S1000H features low dielectric constant and low loss tangent, providing exceptional signal transmission performance. It has lower signal delay and better signal integrity, minimizing signal distortion and crosstalk, thereby enhancing the efficiency and stability of the circuit.

• Good Mechanical Strength: S1000H exhibits excellent mechanical strength and rigidity, capable of resisting vibration, impact, and stress. This makes it well-suited for applications that demand high reliability and durability, such as aerospace, automotive electronics, industrial control systems, computers, instruments, and consumer electronics.

• Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable: S1000H is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, complying with the requirements of the RoHS directive and REACH regulations. It is free from harmful substances, posing no harm to the environment and human health, aligning with the principles of sustainable development.

• Excellent Processing Performance: This product boasts a wide processing window, and its parameters are compatible with those of materials in the same class.

• Conservatively estimated, this material can support up to 12 layers with an inner layer copper thickness of 3oz. For HDI boards, it can achieve 3-stage, and 2-stage under mass production scenarios.

S1000H TG150 datasheet:SYTECH-S1000H

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